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9 Awesome Types of Summer Camps for Your Kids

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9 Types of Summer Camps for Kids in the United States

Most of us who spent the summer at camps have fond memories of that time where we got to sing songs, eat smores and meet new friends. Those happy childhood memories are something that we want to pass on to our kids, and luckily, there are plenty camps all across the US to choose from. If you want your children to have the best summer camp experience of their lives, these are the types of camps you can choose from based on their preferences:

1. Adventure camps
This type of summer camp for kids is great for the energetic and adventurous types that like to take part in classic camping activities. Am adventure summer camp includes all the favorites, like biking, canoeing, sailing, backpacking and a lot more activities that will turn your child's summer into a fun-filled adventure.

2. Academic camps
If your child is curious about the world and how it works, academic summer camps can be a perfect fit for him or her. There are plenty of such summer camps for kids, like computer camp, archaeology camp, biology camp, geology camp, astronomy camp, and much more. You can find an academic summer camp that is perfect for your children by asking them what they prefer and letting that curious side break free.

3. Girls summer camp/boys summer camp
If your kids prefer to hang out only with other boys or girls during the summer, there are some great camps that designed for them. You can choose a girls summer camp or a boys summer camp for your children where they will feel most comfortable and will have the best time.

4. Scouts camps
Scouts summer camps have been around for 100 years, and they're still going strong today. These summer camps for kids are great for scouting enthusiasts who take part in scouts' activities throughout the year and want to continue them during the summer.

5. Sports camps
Just to name a few, nowadays you have sports camps for basketball, football, baseball, cheerleading, hockey and even golf for all the kids that love sports activities.   

6. Military camps
Many people think that military camps are basically boot camps, but that is far from the truth. By teaching kids the values the military is based on, such as confidence, loyalty, companionship and other important values, kids who go to military summer camps learn skills they will need and use for the rest of their lives.

7. Special needs camps
Special needs kids flourish in camps designed for them thanks to activities designed just for them and the chance to spend time with their peers. Each child in a special needs summer camp gets individual attention based on his needs, and today children have a variety of such summer camps, like autism summer camps, Asperger's summer camps, epilepsy summer camps, oncology summer camps and many more camps where they can have a great time. 

8. Arts camps
Kids with artistic inclinations need an outlet for their creativity, and an arts summer camps provide a great way to give them that outlet. With writing summer camps, acting summer camps, music summer camps and other camps for different forms of art, your child will have a great time in a creative environment.

9. Technology camps
Tech-savvy kids have an inherit sense of curiosity, and they surprise everyone with the technological knowledge they have. Technology summer camps provide a great opportunity to develop your child's tech abilities, and with graphic design summer camps, animation camps, computer programing summer camp and other types of technology summer camps, he or she will have a blast.

The 9 types of summer camps listed above can give your children an opportunity to develop their natural skills and have a great time while they do it. If your child wants to go a different summer camp, you can search for "summer camps near me" to choose the summer camps they will enjoy the most.


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