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What does Your Handwriting Say About You

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What does Your Handwriting Say About You

Did you know that our handwriting could reveal a lot about our personalities and the kind of people we are? Investigators have even been using handwriting analysis for years to help them in their crime-solving. In fact, no two people in the world have the exact same handwriting, making them as unique as fingerprints.

Here is what your handwriting can reveal about you.

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  • The pressure you exert

People who exert heavy pressure on the pen while writing tends to show more emotional depth. In other words, it can represent tension, anger, anxiety, stress or any other pent-up feeling. The heavier the pressure, the deeper you feel your emotions.

A moderate pressure can signify commitment, while a soft pressure could imply that you are sensitive and empathetic. It could also mean that you lack vitality. Handwriting analyzers also believe that for two people to be compatible, they must exert the same pressure on their handwriting. This makes sure they can relate emotionally. 

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  • The direction your handwriting slants towards

A forward slant or right slant could imply that you are outgoing, friendly, considerate, sympathetic, and rather impulsive. Your thinking is guided by your emotions.

If you have a deep forward slant, it means that you can easily relate to others, but can easily lose control. You may have mood swings too.

A vertical or straight handwriting implies that you rarely show your emotions and are good at controlling them. You are more rational than emotional.

A person with a left slanted handwriting is likely an introvert. They tend to be aloof and do not have many friends as they do not invite intimacy.

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  • The size of your handwriting

People with small handwriting tend to have a narrow outlook on life. They have good concentration and can focus well on their goals. The former U.S President had a rather small handwriting, meaning he could focus and concentrate really well. These abilities could have helped him get to where he is today. Scientists, lawyers, and accountants usually have small handwriting.

A large handwriting, on the other hand, signifies a broad life perspective. People with large handwriting have a need to be recognized, have the ability to see the big picture and often get bored easily. Creative people, like artists, authors, and people in showbiz often demonstrate large handwriting. Famous musician, John Lennon has a large handwriting which reflects his creativity.
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