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What is an Abusive Relationship

by Michael E.

what is an abusive relationship, abusive relationship signs

What is an Abusive Relationship?

Relationship can be good, but can also be very hurtful.

There are various types of abusive people and abusive relationships.

Here are some signs to help you understand what abusive relationships may look like.

1. When you are having a normal conversion the opposing party (could be relationship partner, friend, co-worker) makes you feel like you are doing everything wrong, or they do not understand you.

2.When you disagree, they respond with responses such as: You are out of your mine. You are crazy. It is all about you. It is all in your head. You are making a big deal out of it. Grow up. You always do this. Its not all about you! 

3. They try to control you choices and your life. It can be what you wear, how you say things, or    even the way you talk with other people. They may try to control who you hang out with, who your friends are and try to get you to shy people away from your life. It can get as bad as, they decide where you can and can not go.

4. They try to make you include them in all your decisions and get upset when you do not.

5. They think they have a right to control your life because they are “making you better”

6. You start fearing how they will react if you do or say certain things.

7. They always say things to make you feel uncomfortable. It can be little things when you are alone, or around people.

8. They try to belittle you around people.

9. When you accomplish something, they do not react to it very well.

10. When you socialize or speak with other people they do not talk with you or give you faces.

11. They want to know who you speak with at all times.

12. They know the password to your phone and go through your phone.

13. They make you feel like you are the reason for their failures.

14. They make you feel like you are the reason for their anger.

15. Their actions seem irrational and make you question everything you do.

16. They slam doors, they shout, they throw objects near you.

17. They yell at you in private or in public.

18. When you leave, they cry and try to get you back.

19. They want to know all about your past then bring it up whenever they can to make you feel bad.

20. They hold your past “mistakes” against you and bring it up whenever they can to make you feel bad.

If you or someone you know is an abusive relationship, you are not alone!

You can talk to someone at You can talk to someone 24/7 through live chat or call them at any time:  1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Take control of your life. You do not deserve to feel bad and someone is there to help you get through the tough times.

You can run a background check on anyone you are dating to ensure they do not have a criminal background or history of abuse!


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