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What is Broken Heart Syndrome?

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What is Broken Heart Syndrome and its Causes and Symptoms

It has been talked about in countless poems, romantic books and at the end of every painful break-up – the broken heart. That red organ in our chest that pumps out blood to our bodies has been associated with emotions for thousands of years, and while research has shown that the brain controls our emotions, it turns out that the heart really does have feelings too.

One of the most interesting phenomena associated with the heart is Broken Heart Syndrome that has physical affects on us that will surprise you. So, what exactly Broken Heart Syndrome and have you had it? Read on and find out.

What Exactly is Broken Heart Syndrome?

Broken Heart Syndrome (or in short - BHS) is a heart condition caused by stressful situations, and while it is temporary, many confuse it with a heart attack. The pain brought on by BHS is similar to that of a heart attack, meaning that if you find yourself in a trigger situation, you heart will actually hurt.

Besides chest pain, Broken Heart Syndrome also causes shortness of breath that feels like suffocation. If these two major symptoms of BHS don't subside, it might be a heart attack, and it is important to call 911 if that is the case.

What Causes Broken Heart Syndrome?

Situations that are described as heart breaking in literature and also in life are often the cause of BHS. The emotional reaction with Broken Heart Syndrome can be overwhelming, and the common causes for it are:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • A surprise
  • Divorce
  • Losing a job
  • Heated arguments

Unlike a heart attack - a condition caused by clocked heart arteries, BHS is not caused by blockage but an intense emotional reaction to upsetting or unexpected news. Not surprisingly, there is no known cure for Broken Heart Syndrome, but fortunately the chances of it reoccurring after the first attack are small. The best-known preventative measure against BHS is living a stress-free life as much as possible, which can be challenging.

It turns out that all that romantic talk about Broken Heart Syndrome is true, and while it can be a difficult experience, it can be prevented by relaxing and learning to let go of the things that break our hearts.


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