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Why Running a Background Check Can Benefit You?

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Running a Background Check, Benefits of a Background Check
How Running a Background Check Can Help you and Benefit you! 

It seems that we live in an age where all the information we need is right at our fingertips, but is that really the case? When it comes to checking for historic or scientific facts online we can be pretty sure that we find is indeed the truth, but what about people? Can we be sure the information they give us about themselves is really true, or that their social profiles aren't featuring lies?

The answer to that is of course "no", and there are plenty of online scamming stories to prove that. Fortunately, there is a tool that can help you find a 100% of the truth online – a Background Check search. The many benefits of this online tool can help you dig for the truth about people and even companies, so you can decide what is the best course of action for you.

First thing's first – what is a background check?
All across the United States, counties and different offices collect valuable information about their residents since the moment of their birth. These records are gathered over the years and help compile a profile about a certain person. These records include birth records, marriage records, arrest records, sex offender registries and much more information about each person in the US.

Some of these records become public records that allow people to run a background check about a person's past, like with GoLookUp, and discover the truth about them.
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Why should I run a background check?
Background checks can let you into an entire world of information about another person or a company, and it has plenty of benefits that make life easier and safer:

1. online dating – find out about the past of the person you are considering dating.
2. Personal safety – discover if a person you met has a violent criminal past.
3. Family safety – discover violent sexual acts a neighbor or a family friend may have committed.
4. Fraud prevention – discover is someone has a history of fraud.
5. Finding a job – discover everything you need to know about a company you are thinking about joining.
6. Find mugshots – find mugshots of the people you meet or suspect have a criminal past.
7. Discover criminal records – find out what criminal acts a person has committed.
8. The truth about acquaintances – find out the truth about the past of people you meet
9. Learn more about co-workers – find out who are the people working beside you.
10. Finding criminal past of employers – find out if perspective or current employers have a criminal past.

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11. Child safety – discover if your child's friends' parents/legal guirdians have a criminal past.

12. Prevent sexual abuse – find out if neighbors or acquaintances are registered sex offenders to protect yourself.
13. Find contact information – find accurate contact information of people you meet.
14. Find long lost relatives you have lost contact with.
15. Find love interests from your past.
16. Compare online information – discover if the information a person gave you about themselves is accurate.
17. Companies information – learn about the financial status of companies and about their past.
18. Property information – discover crime rates, property value and information about a property's past owners.
19. Unclaimed money search – find unclaimed money you may have left behind.
20. Relatives Unclaimed money search – find unclaimed money of relatives, living or deceased.
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21. Reverse phone check – discover information about a person or a company based on their phone number.
22. Reverse address check – find out the contact information of a property's owners.
23. Find sex offenders in a certain area – find all the sex offenders in a certain zip code.
24. Find social information – find social media accounts of a person.
25. Search for E-mails – discover E-mails of people in order to contact them.


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