3 years ago

Social Media and Depression

Social media is a great tool to keep in touch with your loved ones who are far away. However, just like most other things, such as money, what is meant to serve a noble purpose can easily turn into something that is destructive, and even harmful to people. It is no more a matter of surprise to notice how people, especially youngsters, fall prey to the dark side of social media, ending up with issues such as depression and the loss of self-esteem.

3 years ago

How to Anonymously Surf Online

Today, privacy during online surfing has become a concern for many people. Whether you want to keep your bank details safe and secure or you don’t want targeted ads or you simply don’t want others to see your browsing history, there can be many reasons why you would want to anonymously surf the Internet.

3 years ago

Trump’s Family Tree

The 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, comes from a large family having four siblings. And having been married thrice, he himself has an impressive number of children and grandchildren. Here is a detailed list of President Trump’s family tree, including his parents, siblings, wives, children, and grandchildren.

3 years ago

10 Reasons Why You Should Conduct an Unclaimed Money Search

Statistics indicate that there are literally billions of dollars in unclaimed money sitting pretty in the federal accounts that rightfully belong to the citizens of America. The reason is that a majority of the people are not even aware that they are owed these unclaimed funds. That being said, here are 10 reasons why should conduct an unclaimed money search.

3 years ago

Crazy Laws You Did Not Know Exist!

Laws help us to live in a systematic and safe society, but sometimes, some laws are downright weird. Have you ever come across any such crazy laws and wondered what could have happened for it to be passed? Here are some of the most shocking laws in every state of the United States that you probably never knew existed.

3 years ago

Warren Buffet’s Life Story

One of the richest and most respected businessmen, Warren Buffet is the king of investment, the go-to person for every investor looking for guidance and inspiration. After all, he is not called the “Oracle of Omaha” for no reason. According to Forbes, he is currently the second richest person in the world, with a net worth of $75.6 billion.  As CEO and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, he may be rich, but his wealth was not simply handed to him on a silver spoon. Let us take a look at his journey to get to where he is today.

3 years ago

How to Background Check

See How Running a Background Check Can Help you Keep yourself and your Loved ones Safe. Running a Background Check only takes a few moments. GoLookUp offers Unlimited Background Checks when you create an account!

3 years ago

How Donald Trump Made His Fortune

The 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has never been one to keep quiet about how much money he has. During his presidential campaign, he told his supporters many times, “I have always been good at making money” and “I am really rich”.


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