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Free Unclaimed Money Search

by Rachel Greene

Free Unclaimed Money Search, Unclaimed Money Free Search

Where to Search for Unclaimed Money for Free ?

Millions of Americans are entitled to money that is legally theirs without being aware of its existence. With nearly $60 billion of lost funds, it is likely that you are entitled to money, with an average of $900 per each person. Misaddressed mail or checks, forgotten pension funds, closed bank accounts, and more are responsible for people accumulating unclaimed money. If you want to find out if you are entitled to money, here are the unclaimed money sources you need to search:

free unclaimed money search

  1. State Departments of Taxation

This is a source for state tax refunds that hold unclaimed money for people who have changed their names, or address. The state department of taxation allows you to search for funds by province, state or territory, so you will need to enter any place you have lived in to find the money under your name. Click here for an unclaim money search with

2. Failed pension plans

Unfortunately, there are pension plans that fail, and close down early. If you worked for a place that provided you with a failed pension plan, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the money in that fund is lost. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) makes sure that pension benefits are kept, even if pension plans fail. You might not get all the money you are entitled to, but at least you will have some if it. Click here for the PBGC site.

3. The IRS

There are thousands of IRS tax refund checks that don’t get to their rightful owners each year, and get returned to the IRS. You can get the checks back, and also file a claim for a check from a year ago, with no penalties. Keep in mind that you have 3 years to claim lost funds at the IRS. Click here to find out about tax refunds from the IRS.

4. Retirement plans

Many people who switch jobs forget they have money in an employer's retirement plan. The money in such plans grows as the years go by, so you can be entitled for quite a bit of cash. To search for money in employer retirement plans, you will need to contact the National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits, which is a non-profit organization. Click here for the National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits website.


5. Life Insurance Policies

There are life insurance plans that change, or go unclaimed, so you could be entitled to money from several places. Also, if you have a relative that passed away, they may have a life insurance plans that has yet to be claimed. You can search for life insurance plans here in the


6. U.S. Treasury

According to the treasury department, there are billions of unclaimed dollars in savings bonds that no longer accumulate interest. Also, there are 25,000 different payments that are returned to their rightful owners every year by the Treasury Department. You can claim back the money from the savings bonds, or reinvest it in new bonds. To search for money from the US treasury department. 

7. Old Bank Accounts

If you have old bank accounts, you may be entitled to money. You can also be entitled to unclaimed money from phone or utility account deposits, insurance premium refunds, old paychecks, and other sources that were linked to bank accounts. You can find those lost funds in governmental unclaimed property records by clicking here.


To find unclaimed money quickly and easily, you can use GoLookUp’s advanced unclaimed money search service. The site locates money found at the hands of different authorities and provides you with a nationwide search service. For an unclaimed money search throughout America, use GoLookUp, and claim back the money you are entitled to.

free unclaimed money search


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