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10 Best Dirty Cop’s History

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10 Best Dirty Cop’s History

The cops are the ones who we turn to when we are victims of crimes. But every now and then, we find cops taking to crime themselves, whatever the reasons. Not all cops are the knights in shining armor we hope them to be.

Here’s a look at ten of the dirtiest cops of our time:

1. Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa: The NYPD was the perfect cover for these two cops who were also part of the mafia. In 2006, both cops were convicted on several charges including extortion, conspiracy, and eight counts of murder.

2. Joseph Miedzianouski: A cop and a drug kingpin, Miedzianouski seemed to enjoy the best of both worlds for over 20 years until he was finally convicted in 2001.

3. David Mack and Rafael Perez: Members of the Bloods Gang, as well as LAPD cops, Mack and Perez were involved in murders, stealing of cocaine, and bank robbery.

4. Jon Burge: The Detective Commander of Chicago’s South Side was notorious for torturing suspects to extract confessions from them. He was suspended on charges of brutality.

5. Jonathan Trevino: While heading a task force called the Panama Unit against narcotics on the Texas-Mexico border, Trevino was also running a lucrative side business. A fair portion of the drugs and cash seized by the unit never found its way to evidence but was used by Trevino for his own personal gain.

6. Manuel Pardo: Once a decorated cop, Pardo went astray. After being suspended for lying under oath, Pardo killed nine people in three months. He was executed by lethal injection in 2012.

7. Craig Peyer: An officer with the California Highway Patrol, Peyer would direct lady drivers down an unfinished road to get a chance to talk to them. When one lady rejected him, he beat her with his flashlight and killed her. The investigation into the death found overwhelming evidence of Peyer’s guilt.

8. Drew Peterson: Drew Peterson was implicated in the murder or two of his four wives and accused of domestic violence by a third. While one of the bodies was never found, Peterson was found guilty of the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio.

9. Stephanie Lazarus: Stephanie Lazarus beat and shot to death the wife of her former boyfriend John Ruetten. She managed to get away with it for twenty-four years but was eventually found guilty of the murder.

10. Antoinette Frank: Antoinette Frank was a cop with the New Orleans Police Department. She and her eighteen-year-old companion, Roger LaCaze, robbed a restaurant, and Frank shot and killed a fellow officer during the robbery. Frank was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to death.


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