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10 Dates Gone Wrong

by infohub

10 dates Gone Wrong

Some dates lead to a second date, then a long term relationship and even marriage, other dates go horribly wrong. Here is a look at ten dates that went wrong.

a man and a woman on a date

1. Rollercoaster disaster: Avoid a rollercoaster as a first date option, as one unlucky lady found out, her date couldn’t handle it and threw up on everybody around/

2. Goodnight: Ashley and her date were watching a movie at his place when he got up to have a smoke. When he didn’t return half an hour later she texted him only to find out that he had gone to bed.

3. Baby talk: One lady was enjoying her charming date until he started talking to her like a baby, cut her steak for her and put a pacifier in her plate.

a woman looking annoyed on a date with a man

4. Criminal: Kim went on a date with someone her mother set her up with, halfway through the date the police came in and arrested the guy. Turns out that he had set someone on fire and thrown them down the stairs.

5. Like a funeral: It is never a good thing when you are excited about a date and he shows up in a hearse to pick you up. Even worse if he wants to have sex in the back.

6. Catfished: Samantha was not expecting a balding fifty-year-old showing up as her date. Apparently, his online picture was from twenty-five years ago and he claimed to still be the same as he was back then.

a woman's finger on a dating app

7. What’s that smell: One disastrous date involved a guy that smelled like poop and talked too loudly. It didn’t help that they were at a small restaurant and the smell and his voice probably carried.

8. Zip line: In an attempt to be adventurous and different one young man chose to go zip lining on his first date. During the practice session he rammed into a tree and then during the actual activity he had a panic attack. He didn’t come off looking too good.

9.Bad Genes: A convicted felon actually called his date out for having bad genes because she was diabetic. He also told her that she shouldn’t have kids so as to not pass on the condition to them. So much for a romantic date.

a man taking a mug shot

10.Accidental Cousins: When Eric went to pick up his date he didn’t know that her grandma would know him. It turned out that he and the girl he had met at work were actually related.

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