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10 People Who Found Their Family After Decades

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10 People Who Found Their Family After Decades

 There are very few stories which are as emotional as those of long-lost family members/relatives reuniting after years. Let’s read about 10 such moving tales.

  • Sisters finally find each other on an aircraft (for the very first time!)

Ann Burrage, a native of Texas, was eager to know if she had some heritage linking back to North America. This made her take a DNA test and what she found was absolutely unexpected. Burrage had a sister who had taken birth in England and was accidentally left behind during the Second World War by her soldier father. Ann, along with her sister, Lynn, got onto a BA flight to meet Mandy, and were shocked to discover that she was on the same flight too! The three bonded instantly!

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  • Identical brothers lived identical lives

Jim Springer and Jim Lewis were separated for 39 years (starting from birth) and finally met on 9th February 1979. The two had no idea how the other had grown up, but the two were shocked to discover that they were absolutely identical in all aspects of their lives. Both disliked baseball, smoked special Salem cigarettes, drank the beer Miller Lite, created doll furniture, sent romantic letters to their respective wives, and had white circular benches in their home backyards!

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  • Mom finds her lost baby years later at birthday party

On 15th December 1997, Luz Cuevas' two-story house caught fire. She ran into her baby Delimar’s nursery, only to find that she wasn’t there. In 2004, several years later, Luz was invited to a kid’s birthday party where she saw this 6-year old girl who looked very much like her. Police investigation along with DNA tests later confirmed that the girl was, in fact, Delimar!


  • Two abandoned kids meet each other and their mother

Can you imagine abandoning two of your children at once? This is exactly what happened to Liz Kellner and Tammy Makram, two kids who were left in random cardboard boxes and later brought up by different families. After years of investigation, a DNA test finally helped verify their biological relationship. This ultimately led to the two kids meeting their actual mother.

  • Two brothers find each other while collecting father’s information

Peter Beschorner, 67, was looking for information related to his Jewish dad, a former Nazi camp inmate. During his investigation, he bumped into discovering a half-brother called Klaus Mueller, because he was also looking for similar information.


  • Brothers meet after more than 80 years

Two brothers, Gerry Cooper and Norman Cooper, were reunited after 85 years after the latter’s son directed them to an emotional reunion. Neither of the two knew about the other but both were delighted to find that they had a brother!

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  • Kidnapped boy comes back to family after 4 years

Shawn Hornbeck, an 11-year old boy was kidnapped off the street by someone named Michael Devlin in 2002. Devlin abused Shawn tremendously, leaving him emotionally and physically hurt. Fortunately, Ben was returned to his family by the police 4 years later, but he is still healing from the abuse.


  • Ancestry television ad reunites mother with daughter

Laurie Ogilvie was heartbroken when she had to give up her daughter for adoption at 15. The daughter, re-named Suzi, finally succeeded in finding her mother through the DNA testing route after seeing a television commercial. She had no idea that her biological mother had also submitted her DNA samples at the same place six months earlier!


  • Long-lost brother turn out to be neighbors

Two long-lost brothers from Newfoundland finally found each other after years of looking. How? Well, they turned out to be neighbors living just a few meters away from each other in the neighborhood of Corner Brook!


  • Couple finds lost love letter and is married after 10 years

The couple, Carmen Ruiz-Perez and Steve Smith, finally reunited and tied the knot after a love letter lost from 10 years was found at the back of a fireplace.



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