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2017 Changes in Technology

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2017 Changes in Technology


We live in a world that is ever-changing. Every day, technology is developing and new and fantastic software/hardware/gadgets are emerging. From the chunky mobile phones with actual keypads and the monochromatic desktop computers to the sleek smartphones and state-of-the art-laptops we have today, technology has not stood still for a second. Ever moving and ever-changing, the technology industry is the fastest growing industry in present times.

1. Reversing Paralysis Technology: Researchers at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland are developing a new technology to reverse paralysis. Paralysis can occur due to an injury to the spinal cord which does not allow nerve impulses to travel all the way to their target areas like the arm or the leg. The lack of nerve impulses renders the muscles immobile, resulting in paralysis. The new technology has found a way to overcome this hurdles. Scientists inserted two implants in a paralyzed monkey; one in the brain and one in the spinal cord below the site of the injury. The implant in the brain was a recording device which touched the motor cortex and the one in the spinal cord was of flexible electrodes. The two implants were connected wirelessly allowing signals from the brain to be transmitted to the spinal cord beyond the damaged area. The paralyzed monkey was able to walk again.

2. Wearable technology: We live in an age of wearable technology; smart watches, smart shoes and other activity trackers have quite literally become a part of us and go where we go. The latest technology now allows you to wear your fitness tracker in the sole of your shoe and record all the details of your workout. All the data collected can then be uploaded to an app via Bluetooth, keeping you informed of your fitness levels.

3. Virtual reality headsets: Why play games and watch movies on a screen when you can immerse yourself in the 360° version of it? The new virtual reality headsets have taken gaming and movie watching to the next level allowing users to feel like they are in the middle of the experience. Earlier versions of the virtual reality headsets needed to be plugged into your computer, but with the onset of mobile headsets, you can take them wherever you go. The new range of headsets connects to your mobile phone giving you a great experience on the go.

4. Augmented reality:
Augmented reality is Sci-Fi in real life. Taking the real world and overlaying it with additional information seems something straight out of an Iron Man Movie. The technology is not unlike wearing Tony Stark’s helmet to help you gather all additional information you require about your surrounding environment. Augmented reality technology allows you to measure depth and distance, and even display the presence of electromagnetic radio waves. Augmented reality has a lot of implications in the educational field, business, and everyday information processing.

5. The Internet of Things: Yes, we are actually talking about a technology that connects everything including your kitchen appliances to everything else via the Internet. All our devices could soon have WiFi sensors fitted into them connecting them to a central system. One of the main purposes of the IoT is to create smart homes. Imagine walking into your kitchen and an electronic voice informing you that you are running out of coffee or that the garbage disposal needs servicing. That is what the IoT can do. The technology also has a number of functions across the spectrum, collating data from several devices or appliances to give users a more customized experience.

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