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5 Ways to Attract a Woman

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5 Ways to Attract a Woman


Attracting a woman is perhaps one of the most difficult challanges men face. Since both sexes are different emotionally, men may, at times, end up doing the wrong thing while trying to woo women. One thing is for sure: women don't open up so easily as men do. As such, men have to make an extra effort to get women interested in them.

Women love men who are healthy, well-built, and masculine. They fall for well-groomed men who are chivalrous. Women can easily fall for men who carry themselves well and possess a debonair aura. They scan men on various levels before taking them seriously or going forward in a relationship.

Following are five tips that would help you attract the woman of your dreams!

Always look the best

No matter where you are planning to meet her, just put your best attire on. Women simply can't resist men who present themselves well. Groom and style yourself perfectly so that she gets the right impression at the first sight. This will surely get her to initiate a conversation with you.

Be confident

Confidence is something no man can ignore. If you want to attract a woman, you need to exude confidence in whatever you do. Show confidence and conviction while talking so that she feels you talk sense. You should adopt a confident body language and relax while talking to her.

Be original

Just be yourself. You don't have to be Sylvester Stallone or Tom Cruise before her. You just have to act natural and allow your masculinity to flow out effortlessly. Don't pretend to be someone you are not. This can seriously turn her off. Your originality and simplicity are what will help you attract the woman of your choice.

Try knowing her emotionally

Unless there is an emotional connection, two people never seem to blend well. This is also the case with a man who's looking for something from a woman. You should try knowing her emotional makeup, and how has her life been so far. Show some empathy towards her so that she feels important and valued.

Make her laugh

In order to make a positive start, you need to be positive yourself. You can use your sense of humor to make her laugh and happy. There's nothing wrong with cracking decent jokes. A little playful teasing and flirting is a good way to make her laugh. This will not only make the conversation very engaging but also make her interested in meeting you again. Let your dating days be fun-filled!


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