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$550 Million in Unclaimed Money and Property found in SC

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Unclaimed Money Found in SC, Unclaimed Money Search
The South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office has declared it has $550 million in unclaimed money and property. The office invited people to a "claim your cash" phone bank this past Wednesday to allow them to claim back their money. The office stated that $115 of the unclaimed money and property belong to residents in the Upstate area.

Where is the money held?
Many people wonder how it is possiblle that large sums of money like that found in the SC Treasurer’s Office are accumilated, and the answer to that is simple: Unclaimed money can be found in many places, such as stock certificates, closed back accounts, utility deposits, uncashed paycheck/checks and many other places.

Over the years, people forget about the money they left behind, and that is why it is called Unclaimed Money. The authorities and offices holding the money are legally prohibited from using it, which means you can claim it back at any time.

Can I still claim money and property in SC?
Those that missed the Claim Your Cash event in South Carolina can still search and claim their money back at any time they want. Websites such as GoLookUp provide an unclaimed money search service that allows users to find money within minutes, and also download the necessary forms for their claim.

The search can be performed as many times as you wish, and users can also search for unclaimed money that belong to living or deceased relatives. At an average sum of $900 in unclaimed money found by people on a regular basis, many are unaware that they can be among those that are entitled to cash or money.

When will I get the money?
In order to get unclaimed money, you would first have to prove that you are entitled to it with a form of identification. After that, you will file a request form to get the money back, and within a 120 days at the most, you will receive the money. In some cases, there may be delays in payment, but if you are entitled to unclaimed money, you will be able to claim it back at any time you want.

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