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Almost $100k of Unclaimed Money Found in Lee County Clerk's Office

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Unclaimed Money Found in Lee County, Unclaimed Money Search
The term Unclaimed Money has been going around for the past few years, and in one county in Florida, there is a lot of it. Over the years people, vendors and businesses that worked with or at Lee county in Florida have gone out of business or disappeared off the radar with tens of thousands of dollars owed to them.

Around $97K have been collecting over the years, and despite search efforts, their rightful owners were not tracked down. The businesses and people that have the unclaimed money did not get the checks, and some of them just did not demand the money owed to them for the services they provided.

A list of the people and businesses has been compiled to solve the issue, and Patti Bauer, now living in Ohio, saw her name on it as well as the names of some of her family members. Patti reclaimed the money she was entitled to, but many are unaware that money is owed to them, and as a result they do not check the list. This leads to the money being sent to the state that holds it as unclaimed money for the people who failed to ask for it.

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This is not unusual as there is nearly $60 billion in unclaimed money all across the United States that are kept in different places without their owners being aware of them. Fortunately, this "lost money" can be reclaimed at any time, and all you have to do is be aware of it.

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