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$3.2 Billion of Unclaimed Money and Property Found in PA

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$3.2 Billion of Lost Money and Property Found in PA

A whopping $3.2 billion in lost money and property has been collected by the Pennsylvania Treasury office, and is waiting to be claimed by its rightful owners. According to Pennsylvania State Treasurer, Joe Torsella, one in every 10 Pennsylvania residents is entitled to some of the billions that are sitting and waiting to be collected.

The lost money unclaimed property, which can be found using unclaimed money search engines, has accumulated in the state due to misspelling of names on different documents, as well as in uncashed paychecks, pensions, insurance policies and also in items are waiting to be claimed – like diamond jewelry. In order to get the money and property that is rightfully yours, you will have to prove ownership of it, and then file the paperwork to claim it. 

Source: cbslocal 


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