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Colorado Woman Charged with Killing New-Born

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Camille Wasinger-Konrad, 23, from Colorado has allegedly killed her new-born baby and tossed it over her neighbor's deck, police says. The incident took place on January 2, and after appearing in a preliminary hearing where Wasinger-Konrad said she did not know she was pregnant, she was charged with murder this Tuesday.

According to reports, Wasinger-Konrad gave birth on Jan. 2, and despite her claims of not knowing about the pregnancy, asked a co-worker for a new work schedule before the incident. After giving birth, Wasinger-Konrad allegedly tossed the body of the new-born into her neighbor's backyard.

The neighbor, Jeanette Barich, called the police who arrived to Wasinger-Konrad's home who spoke to detective Adam Moorman. Wasinger-Konrad gave birth early in the morning and claimed she covered the baby's mouth to keep it from crying and waking up the family inside the home. After the birth, Wasinger-Konrad sat on her porch for 10 minutes and tossed the body of the baby on her neighbor's deck.

Wasinger-Konrad was charged with first-degree murder-victim under 12/position of trust, first-degree murder-after deliberation and tampering with evidence.

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