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Louisiana Resident Gets an All Time Record $2.3 Million in Unclaimed Money

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Louisiana Resident Gets $2.3 Million in Unclaimed Money

Over 38,000 Louisiana residents used the state's Unclaimed Money Program this year, and one lucky resident hit the jackpot when he found out he was entitled to $2.3 million. The total amount of unclaimed money in the state was $28.7 million out of the $83.8 million that is held in old pension funds, old bank accounts, utility deposits and other funds, according to State Treasurer John Schroder.

“More people than ever are claiming their money, and this is partly due to our new online system and fast tracking of claims. We’ve already processed almost 12,000 more claims than last year.” Schroder said about the state's unclaimed money program.

On average, every person who is owed unclaimed money receives $900 after their request is processed, and many are completely unaware that they are entitled to money from different agencies. In order to find money that is owed to you, you can perform an easy unclaimed money search on and get what is rightfully yours in every state you lived in.

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