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Minnesota 'Sitting' on $16 Million in Unclaimed Money

by infohub

Unclaimed Money in Minnesota, Unclaimed Money Found in MN
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States has published that it has about a billion dollars in unclaimed money. The source of the whopping sum of money is people that have not filed their tax returns in 2014.

Some $16 million of the entire unclaimed money held by the IRS is in the state of Minnesota. Nearly 16,000 people in Minnesota are entitled to a part of the money, and the IRS is encouraging them to file the tax returns in order to claim it back.

There is a deadline on the 2014 tax refunds, and the final date to submit requests is April 17, 2018. The median amount owed by the IRS in Minnesota is $785, and the clock is ticking on filing the tax returns. For those that wish to find out if they have any unclaimed money owed to them, you can log into GoLookUp's unclaimed money search to find all the information you need quickly and easily.


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