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$272M of Unclaimed Money Found in Westchester County, NY

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Millions in Unclaimed Money Found in New York

Residents of Westchester County, NY, were thrilled to learn that they are entitled to a whopping $272 million in unclaimed funds and property, as stated by Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. In a news conference that was held in the Westchester public library, DiNapoli said that residents of Westchester County are entitled to unclaimed funds that originate from forgotten bank accounts, class-action settlements and other sources that people often neglect to remember.

"It is your money," said DiNapoli in the conference, adding "It's not a gift from New York. It is our opportunity to return money that we have held in safekeeping that has ended up in our unclaimed funds' account."

In New York alone, there are 471,000 accounts with unclaimed funds in them, most dating back to the past century. DiNapoli was joined by Westchester County Executive George Latimer, state Sen. Shelley Mayer, and state Assemblyman David Buchwald, who invited residents to claim back the money they are owed.

If you want to check your entitlement to unclaimed money, click here to search for your name. You can also find out if your relatives, living or deceased, are entitled to funds by typing their name (also try common misspellings on your or your relatives' names to make sure you are not missing any money that is rightfully yours).


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