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Why You Should Use Companies Information on Golookup

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Why You Should Use Companies Information on Golookup

Do you wish to change jobs? Are you unsure what would be the right move for you professionally? Understanding how a company performs in the market is a great way to gauge whether or not it is a perfect fit for you and your career growth.

But, with so many companies exercising controls on the data that can be viewed on their official websites, it becomes quite challenging to find out relevant information. This is where public data aggregator websites like Golookup come into play.
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Using the Companies Information tool on Golookup

Say you want to know more about Company ABC. You check their website and find only limited details; nothing much about how the company is faring, how their employment and attrition rates are, the type of person their employer is and so on. This is when you need to log on to

Once on the website, you can type in the company name in the search box and wait for the Companies Information tool to extract important and relevant information about the company. Once the search is complete, the tool will throw up the results that are the closest to what you’ve given. Sometimes, companies with similar looking names are thrown up together. So be careful when typing the company name. This will help you avoid wasting time going through information about the wrong companies.

The Companies Information tool on Golookup produces a handy and comprehensive report that contains complete information about the company you’re searching for. Absolutely everything that you could possibly want to know will be listed in this report.

Just like with its other services, Golookup has a very strict control over who accesses the information. Users are expected to sign up on the website to use the Companies Information tool. Once logged in, you will have complete and unlimited access to the report generated. You can even download this report for a particular fee. To have the fee waived off (or discounted, in certain cases) take a subscription to all the features on the website. It’s much simpler.

Some of the information that you can find on Golookup, using the Companies Information tool are:

  • Company name
  • Basic company information
  • Company history
  • Global revenue details
  • Global sales details
  • Funding – sources, percentages and other financial details
  • Information about company stocks and shares
  • Employment and attrition rates
  • Employment opportunities
  • Product line details
  • Information on patents and copyrights
  • B2B and B2C deals
  • Latest corporate news
  • Public financial statements – previous year balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and financial ratios

All of this data and more will be thrown up in just a matter of a minute or two, ensuring that you don’t need to waste your valuable time searching for company information.

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Look up your future employer on

One of the best aspects about the Companies Information tool on Golookup is that it provides a comprehensive company-related information. The tool also provides background check information about the company and its key people.

From their date of birth to their management style, you can get the inside scoop about your would-be employers. The tool gives a comprehensive analysis of any criminal, sexual, financial, and legal offenses and frauds that employers have been tired for or accused of. Additionally, any details regarding rackets and scandals that they were involved in, is also listed.

Public and private central and regional reports are scanned to find information about employers. By using the Companies Information tool on Golookup, you will find out everything you need to know about the company of your choice, its employers, and its employees. Using this tool could be one of the best decisions you take for your career.
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