2 years ago

How to Tell if That Initial Coin Offering is a Scam

Cryptocurrencies allow people to take high risks with high rewards, and make money by basically not doing anything. The temptation of cryptocurrencies can make you be the victim of online currency scams, and this is how you can avoid them.

3 years ago

8 Biggest Celebrity Weddings

Celebrities have a tendency to go overboard at times, especially when it's their time to tie the knot and marry the person they love. These 8 celebrity couples gave a whole new meaning to the term 'going over budget' with multi million dollar expensive weddings.

3 years ago

Colorado Woman Charged with Killing New-Born

According to reports, Camille Wasinger-Konrad, 23, from Colorado has killed her new-born baby moments after he was born, and then proceeded to toss his body on her neighbor's deck.

3 years ago

Minnesota 'Sitting' on $16 Million in Unclaimed Money

The state of Minnesota has notified that it has $16 million in unclaimed money that residents of the state can claim back. The unclaimed money is waiting for all Minnesota residents that lives in it since 2014, but the clock is ticking on the deadline for filing the tax returns.

3 years ago

Over 300k in Unclaimed Money Found in Oxnard

The City Treasurer of Oxnard, California has said that there is over 300k in unclaimed money found in the city. If you lived in Oxnard or are bow a resident of the city, you may be entitled to some of the money, and this is how you can claim it back!

3 years ago

3 Junior ROTC Cadets Receive Postmortem Heroism Medal

Tree Florida school shooting victims Alaina Petty, Martin Duque and Peter Wang, who were ROTC junior cadets, will receive a postmortem Medal of Honor from the US army following their tragic death at the shooting.

3 years ago

10 Dates Gone Wrong

We've all had our fair share of bad dates, but these are definitely the worst.

3 years ago

5 Best Known Unsolved Crimes

While most murders are solved over time, some remain mysteries with no solution, like these 5 unsolved and infamous murders.


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