3 years ago

10 Best Dirty Cop’s History

Cops are meant to keep us all safe, but some of them go astray and end up being criminals themselves, like these 10 notorious men and women.

3 years ago

5 Ways to Attract a Woman

The art of flirting can be tricky to learn, but with these 5 tips, you'll be able to master it with ease.

3 years ago

5 Ways to Attract a Man

It's not easy to be a single woman on this day and age with an abundance of choices on the one hand and a lack of real options on the other. In order to navigate through the dating pool and fish out a good guy, you can use these 5 great tips that can help you attract any guy.

3 years ago

10 Influential People of 2017

Our world revolves not only around money, but also around the power of great leaders, and 2017 definitely had it's fair share of these powerhouses.

3 years ago

5 Cyber-Attack Types

In the fast pace Internet world, we are all exposed to cyber attacks that can occur in a matter of seconds and take years to correct. To protect yourselves from these situations, you need to get familiar with the types of cyber attacks we are all exposed to.

3 years ago

5 Rules for Second Chances in a Relationship

Long term relationships all have bumps along the road, and some are harder to get through than others. the most painful ones leave us feeling betrayed, but with commitment and self work, we can find it in our hearts to give our partners a second chance.

3 years ago

Find Your Relatives Before Christmas

The season of Christmas is one of togetherness, joy, and love. It is the special time of the year when we get to bond with our loved ones and spend time with them. The rest of the world is forgotten and all that lies in front of us is the time we get to spend with our family and friends.

3 years ago

How to Estimate a Home Financial Value?

As a homeowner, even if you are not planning to sell your house, it’s always useful to know how much your house is worth in the market. And with the Internet making everything easier nowadays, there are many online tools that can help you find out an estimate of the financial value of your home. But it is important to keep in mind that what your computer can deliver to you may not be the exact value of your home. It is only an estimate.

3 years ago

Why You Should Use Companies Information on Golookup

Do you wish to change jobs? Are you unsure what would be the right move for you professionally? Understanding how a company performs in the market is a great way to gauge whether or not it is a perfect fit for you and your career growth. But, with so many companies exercising controls on the data that can be viewed on their official websites, it becomes quite challenging to find out relevant information. This is where public data aggregator websites like Golookup come into play.

3 years ago

Ways to Cure a Cough

A cough may not be a serious health scare, but it can be quite debilitating all the same. Constant coughing can result in chest pain. While some coughs may be a sign of an underlying problem, most coughs are a result of common cold and flu. They can be easily taken care of on your own without having to see a doctor and they will go in a week or two.

3 years ago

How Living Without a Bank Account Works

The first official bank (and the oldest in existence today), the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, was established by Giovanni Medici in 1397. Once set up, this bank served as a model for other banks the world over and thus set rolling global commercial banking operations. Today, experts estimate that there may be around 15,000+ banks in the world. You’d think that this overabundance in banks would encourage more people to have bank accounts. But sadly, no. Even today, you’ll find people who do not have a bank account to their name.

3 years ago

Trump’s Tax Reform Plan

US President Donald Trump is all set to make drastic changes to the existing tax system in the United States. The current taxation rates see multiple tax brackets for individuals and corporates alike. The Congress, through President Trump’s new tax reform, hopes to make taxation more people-friendly by eliminating unnecessary and irrelevant technicalities and tax slabs.

3 years ago

Why is a Real Estate Investment a Good Investment?

When it comes to investing in assets, investors have multiple options at their disposal. From equity shares to gold, investors can improve their net worth and increase their personal wealth through various avenues. But when compared to other asset classes, nothing beats the value derived from real estate.

3 years ago

Cases Where Social Media Made People Lose Their Job

Oh, social media. The wondrous invention of the 21st century that has the technology to educate us and keep us informed of literally everything happening around the world; but at the same time, a service by which making a complete fool of ourselves has never been so easy.

3 years ago

Women Who Spoke Out About Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

Recently, a number of Hollywood actresses courageously came out with their personal stories of sexual assault by the hands of the famous film producer, Harvey Weinstein. Although many women have raised their voices in unity against the producer, it is absolutely wrong to believe that this is an isolated incident attributed to one misogynistic man.


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