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Best Holiday Cities In The U.S.

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Best Holiday Cities In The U.S.

Planning a holiday in the United States can be very confusing. After all, there is a plethora of sights and cities and you never really know whether you have been in all the top tourist destinations, especially if you have very limited time.

If you are planning your vacation but remain confused as to which cities to visit in the U.S., here is a list of some of the best holiday cities in the U.S. Take a look at this list before you plan your travel itinerary.

Las Vegas in Nevada

Of course, who has not heard about the "sin city"? If you are planning to take a holiday in the U.S. Las Vegas is a must visit. Prepare to have your eyes dazzled by the razzle and dazzle of the city with its numerous casinos, abundant buffets, and of course the endless liquor.

Spending a few days at Las Vegas can transport you to a fun world you might have never dreamed of even in your wildest dreams. Relax and unwind as you groove to some music all night long.
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Chicago in Illinois

If you are interested in food and art, Chicago is the right place to visit. The city is famous for their amazing food and museums. In addition, you will witness some iconic works of architecture such as America's tallest building, the Willis Towers. Art lovers are in for a treat as the city has some wonderful theaters. You can also unleash your wild side by taking part in the sporting events that are often held in the city.

Boston in Massachusetts

The city is great for people who want to explore deeply into the history of the United States. There is an endless amount of art, theatrical works, and architecture everywhere in this city. You can see some of the most iconic landmarks in the city by taking the Freedom Trail, a sightseeing route that takes you across 16 landmarks. The city is rich in different cuisines and you can be sure to treat your taste buds to some very different flavors when you visit this city.

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San Francisco in California

The city is known for its scenic beauty and wineries. San Francisco is a very open minded city. There are some great restaurants, some happening music scenes, and very animated bars and neighborhoods.

Charleston in South Carolina

Charleston is known as a historic hub due to the fact that it was where the Civil War began. The city has a lot of stories to tell along with some tasty food to offer. The people at Charleston are extremely friendly and welcoming towards guests.

Savannah in Georgia

Savannah is one of the oldest cities in Georgia and is filled with historic wonders for the same reason. You can see some town squares that are old-fashioned but rather beautiful. There is a lot to do in the city other than visiting the historical architecture. There are a number of shopping malls, public parks, or you can listen to some jazz and explore the Southern culture. Tourists who visit Savannah often take to sailing by the river. Something to try the next time you visit the city.

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New York City in New York

No trip to the US. is complete without a visit to NYC or the Big Apple, titled one of the most popular cities in the world. New York is a plethora of cultures and a hub for entertainment. You have amazing food, Broadway theaters, shopping and more importantly, there are locations like the Times Square and the Central Park to visit. New York City is one of the most happening cities and you do not want to miss out on the fun while you are in the U.S.

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