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Best Movies in 2018

by Rachel Greene

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Box Office Movies in 2018. Which are the Best Movies in 2018 So far?

There is still a fair amount of 2018 left. But many movies have managed to stand out as contenders for the “Best Movies of the Year” already. We share below some of the movies that have won our hearts and kept us at the edge of our seats so far this year –

  • Eighth Grade – Written and directed by Bo Burnham, Eighth Grade is a heartwarming coming-of-age story picturized on Elsie Fisher who plays 13-year-old Kayla. The movie depicts her last week in eighth grade before she moves on to high school.
  • Blockers – Kay Cannon, who has previously written Pitch Perfect, makes her directorial debut with this teenage sex comedy. Three parents plot to keep their daughters from honoring a lose-your-virginity-on-prom-night pact they made between themselves. What results is a hilarious succession of events that keep your sides hurting from all the laughter that this comedy generates
  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout – Director Christopher McQuarrie returns to take the reign of the Mission Impossible franchise yet again and delivers an entertaining action-filled movie that lives up to its brand name. Tom Cruise is as always a pleasure to watch as Ethan Hunt. Henry Cavill makes a fine new addition to the cast.
  • Black Panther – Nobody can deny that Black Panther made pop-culture history when it smashed the box office with its almost all-black cast and a black director. Never before has a superhero movie had such well-rounded characters. Michael B. Jordan's antagonist manages to carve himself a separate space in the world of comic-book villains.
  • Game Night – Game Night is John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein's thriller-comedy if there is such a thing. What starts out as a middle-aged couple battling ennui soon turns sinister. While the movie may catch your attention for its slapstick humor and potent wit, the thriller elements present are equally a pleasure to watch.
  • A Quiet Place – A Quiet Place has managed to thrust director John Krasinski into the cinematic limelight. The atmospheric horror in this movie is enough to give you gooseflesh. A family of four must navigate their lives in silence as the world is overrun by monsters that hunt by sound.
  • The Ritual – The Ritual tells the story of a group of middle-aged friends who journey out into the woods on a hiking trip to commemorate their friend’s passing away. David Buckner’s film delves into the fear of the unknown and sculpts a relationship drama haunted by otherworldly elements.
  • Unsane – Steven Soderbergh ventures into his favorite mind-bending thriller territory with this subversive exploration of mental health. Claire Foy delivers a commanding performance as the mentally disturbed Sawyer Valentine who is admitted to a psych ward without her consent. The movie has been reportedly shot on an iPhone which adds to the cumulative effect of the film.
  • Ghost Stories – Ghost Stories is yet another horror anthology, but it adamantly stands its ground. Directed by Jeremy Dawson and Andy Nyman, it consists of three separate stories bound by paranormal investigator Phillip Goodman who takes it upon himself to get to the truth behind these cases. You can find plenty of genre tropes, but the treatment is interesting. Horror movie buffs will also be impressed by the unpredictable twists in the movie.

With almost a quarter left for 2018 to end, there will undoubtedly be more movies that tussle with the ones listed above for fame and glory. However, these nine movies make for good cinema and deserve at least a one-time watch.

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