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Best Places to Retire in the United States

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Best Places to Retire in the United States and America

As the years pass retirements is starting to be more and more fun. With senior citizens being more active than ever, retirement is no longer about growing old but enjoying some of the best years of your life. Active adult communities in many states across the country are providing a vast array of activities for retirees to be a part of. Country club communities with golf courses, spas, heated swimming pools and lush green walking paths are now a big part of the retirement lifestyle. If you are looking to spend your retired life like you were on a permanent vacation then we have a great list for you. Our list of the tops ten places to retire will give you a good idea of what states offer what.

1. Prescott, Arizona: This town in the north of Arizona has cooler weather than the desert south. Prescott has a host of outdoor activities for the retired community including golf and lots of open spaces for walking and biking. The town also has a vibrant cultural scene.

2. Sun Lakes, Arizona: Beautiful sunny weather throughout the year, planned communities and a wide range of activities make Sun Lakes a great retirement spot. Designed with the active adult community in mind Sun Lakes has country club golf courses, shopping centers and excellent restaurants. 

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3. Venice, Florida: Florida as a state in one of the best places in the country for retirees. Venice in Florida is a small retirement community which offers a peaceful lifestyle as well as activities like tennis, golf and parks for walking and enjoying the outdoors. 

4. St. Augustine, Florida: Also in Florida, St. Augustine is another great place for people to retire. The cool weather and the rich cultural heritage make St. Augustine a favorite with many active retirees.

5. Beaufort, South Carolina: Beaufort is a river town where the winters are mild but the summers can get very hot. The main attractions in this town are fishing and golfing. Beaufort is home to a vibrant community of all ages.

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6. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Sticking with South Carolina we move on to Myrtle Beach which is another great place for retirees. The low cost of living, sandy beach and a variety if indoor and outdoor recreational facilities attract many retired folks to Myrtle Beach.

7. Abilene, Texas: One of the most economical places for the retirement community Abilene, Texas has great weather and good facilities. Elderly people have a lot of social activities where they can meet and spend time with each other.

8. Austin, Texas: Austin with its great sunny weather has a whole host of activities for retirees. Museums, galleries, open air markets, and live theater performances are all on offer in Austin. Austin has a low crime rate and the safe neighborhoods are perfect for senior citizens.

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9. Boise, Idaho: Boise in Idaho is for the very active retirees. With everything from biking, hiking and white water rafting, there is no shortage of adventure sports for everyone including senior citizens.

10. Palm Springs, California: The world’s most famous retirement community is located in an idyllic setting surrounded by mountains. With sunny weather almost the whole year round retirees can enjoy playing golf, taking long walks, or just be part of a vibrant culture. If the summers get too hot there are always indoor recreational facilities to keep you occupied.

Whether you are looking to just kick back and relax during your retirement years, do volunteer work, or spend your time golfing and cycling, every state has something to offer. Investing in your retirement has never been so exciting so make sure you don’t wait to start building up your retirement fund.

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