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Top 10 Online Auction Websites

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Top 10 Online Auction Websites, Best Auction Sites

Here are the Top 10 Best Online Auction Websites: Our Team Reviewed the Best Auction Sites!


The market of online auctions continues to grow, enticing time-strapped and cost-conscious consumers attracted by the convenience of comparing prices and products online easily and quickly, no matter where they live. In the US alone, the total revenue was estimated at 546 billion dollars for 2019, representing a 14% increase over the last five years.

Why are online auctions so popular?

For sellers, online auctions provide access to a greatly expanded pool of potential customers. They can sell at traditional retail quantities, but the market is really dominated by single-seller/single-buyer transactions.
Once nearly controlled by a single company, there has been an explosion of firms in the last few years. Top rated online auctions owe their success to the exhilarating nature of the industry. The thrill of discovering coveted items, the pressure of the limited time frame, the drive to win.

A big advantage of online auctions is that they have a wider reach. International bidders who otherwise would be geographically unable to participate can access a sale from anywhere. And for businesses, they also save time and man-power.

So whether you’re looking for a good deal or you have something you would like to sell, there are some really active and trustworthy online auction websites on the Internet. If you’re looking to buy cars, clothes, books, jewelry or basically anything at a bargain rate or you yourself want to make an online sale, here are the 10 best online auction websites you can visit.

Top-rated online auctions

  1. eBay

Perhaps the oldest and most common website for an auction sale, eBay offers a huge variety of items for sale. You can find books, clothes, cars, and even real estate. If you are a buyer, all you have to do is bid and buy the item you want, and if you are a seller, you can easily make money from unwanted belongings.

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  1. Listia

Listia is different because users don’t bid with cash, but instead make their biddings using Listia credits. So, technically, all items are free. Users earn credits from referrals they make or by the sale of their own items. So, when a Listia user lists an item for sale, other users bid on it and the bidder with the highest credits win.

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  1. uBid

uBib is on online auction site that lists leftover inventory from various brands like Dell and Sony. Sellers can either be the company itself or approved third parties. You can get really good deals, as all items are discounted.

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  1. ShopGoodWill

GoodWill is a well-known non-profit organization that raises money for disabled people through their retail stores. ShopGoodWill, their auction website, is the result of effective collaboration from all their stores across the US. You can find various items from cameras, clothes to sports equipment.

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  1. Auction Zip

Auction Zip enables users to participate in live bidding events from their homes. You can view live auction events from your browser, and bid for items through the Internet at the same time as bidders who are on the auction floor.

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  1. Property Room

Property Room lists items seized by law enforcers; the public can legally bid on such items. So, you are guaranteed a variety of items through these public police biddings. 


  1. GovDeals

The official platform for government auctions, GovDeals offers a number of items from computers, cars to even land.

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  1. IRS Auctions

Every item on this auction site is under the Internal Revenue Code’ s authority, as they have been acquired from people who failed to pay internal revenue taxes. It has many items that probably won’t be available anywhere else like art, jewelry, properties, and so on.

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  1. net

This auction site mostly offers items of businesses or households that are being liquidated. Interested people are invited to the properties or homes and they can purchase any item that is up for sale.

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  1. Municibid

This is an auction site where government agencies, authorities, and schools sell items they do not want anymore or the surplus items directly to the public. You can get furniture, boats, cars, computers, and so on.

Online bidding sites list

Aside from the websites mentioned above, you can also check out other top-rated online auction sites, like the ones on the following bidding sites list:

MadBid, AuctionZip, eBid, Listia, Pickles Auctions, The SaleRoom, 24Fundraiser, ShopGoodwill, Auction Maxx, Online Auction, Bonanza, Atomic Mall, eCrater, WebStore, Hip eCommerce, Charity Auctions Today, Shpock, QuiBids, LiveAuctioneers, Salvage Sale, Autorola, CoPart,, Auction Ohio, OLX, iOffer, Venmore and Auctions.

When using auction websites, you need to be careful about who you purchase items from. The best way to find out if people on auction websites are reliable is to read reviews about them and check their profile. You should look for sellers who have a lot of reviews, and as many positive ones as possible. You should also check people's profiles, and if they provide you with their name, phone number, or email address, you should run a background check on them. With this type of check, you will be able to find out if someone provided you with real information about themselves, and whether they committed crimes in the past, like fraud, that you should know about.  

The best online bidding websites will also have guarantee policies that provide users with protection. So, when using an online auction store, you need to make sure it has a money-back guarantee and a protection system in case something goes wrong, like with frauds. Also, the best online bidding websites have a secure payment system that is intended to protect user transactions; you need to make sure you pay or get paid in a protection system that will keep your financial information guarded. 

The best online bidding websites offer a variety of services, and you can find great items on them that you cannot find on other online stores. So, if you are searching for rare, special, or bargain items, you need to check out the sites mentioned here.


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