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Work From Home Ideas - Best Work From Home Ideas!

by Rachel Greene

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Work from Home Ideas

Have you ever dreamt of working from home? Just think about it -- no commute, no dress code, fewer interactions with annoying coworkers -- heck, you could even be your own boss! If this sounds ideal to you, don’t for a second believe that this dream has to stay in the realm of fantasies. There are plenty of legit work-from-home opportunities that can bring your idea of a virtual career to a reality. In fact, there is currently an estimated 63 million people who work from home. What kind of career opportunities can you expect when you’re working from home? These are some of our favorite work from home ideas!


Work from home as a writer. There are plenty of freelance opportunities to write content from the comfort of your own home. You can write on a variety of different topics, such as health, travel, entertainment, and more. You can write something technical and industry-specific, or a lighthearted piece for a blog. You can also put your writing skills to good use creating marketing materials or even writing CVs and resumes for people who struggle to put their work history into written words.

work from home writer


If you have a knack for grammar and spelling, editing work can also be a great opportunity for you. You may do anything from editing websites to editing papers.

work from home editor

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is much like a regular assistant, except you work from home and the only person you’re getting coffee for is yourself. Manage calendars, respond to emails, and help your boss with any other tasks deemed necessary. Some virtual assistants prefer to develop specialties; for example, being a virtual assistant only for marketing companies. 

virtual assistant

Social Media Manager

Companies have learned that to really have a leg up in the game, stellar social media accounts are a must. That’s where a social media manager comes in. Most businesses don’t have the time to invest in their social media accounts nor do they know what makes for effective posts and engagement strategies. As a social media manager, you’ll be in charge of all of the company’s social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more!

social media manager work from home

Short-Term Rental Host

Sign up for a website like Airbnb if you’ve got an empty room in your home that is available to rent out! This is especially lucrative if you live in a desirable location. Meet people from all over the world while giving them the inside-scoop to your city.

work from home rental host


Love teaching but don’t feel like actually being in a classroom? Give virtual teaching a go! Plenty of colleges and universities offer virtual classes these days. There are also schools for grades kindergarten through twelfth that are online. If you want to teach English, you can sign up to be a teacher for an English as a Second Language course. You’ll likely be teaching English to kids and adults in other countries, so be aware of any differences in time zones. Online tutoring opportunities also abound, so if you have a subject that you excel at, you can share your knowledge with others!

work from home tutor

Web Developer/Designer

If you’ve got web development skills, you can put them to good use while working from home! Create your own website and a portfolio of other sites you’ve created. You can start getting jobs on a site like Fiverr or UpWork and gradually more clients will find their way to you via word of mouth.

work from home web development


You can work from home transcribing audio. Many transcriptionists opt to specialize, such as medical transcriptionist or legal transcriptionist, since there may be jargon that you’ll have to learn. Some companies just require that you have a computer at home, whereas others request that you have additional transcription equipment.

Transcriptionist work from home

Telephone Healthcare Provider

More and more, healthcare is being provided online and on the phone. You may be able to work from home as a nurse, doctor, or therapist assessing patient’s needs over the phone or by video chat. Check with various health insurance companies to see if they are hiring.

Telephone Healthcare Provider

Customer Service Representative

Did you know that when you call a company’s customer service line, many times the person who answers is working from home? You too can be a home-based customer service representative! This is a great job for someone who likes talking to people and helping others solve problems. There are a lot of companies that hire for this type of position, such as Pier One Imports, Best Western, and Hilton.

Customer Service Representative Work From Home

Data Entry

Many data entry jobs don’t require any previous experience. You’ll likely be inputting data from handwritten or audio files into a company’s computer system.

work from home data entry

Travel Agent

As a home-based travel agent, you’ll help people fulfill their dreams of seeing the world. Help people book flights, hotel rooms, and develop itineraries. You can start this work on your own or get a job for a company, such as AAA.

work from home travel agent

Pet Sitter

Maybe you don’t like working with people, but how about with animals? Consider opening your home for pet sitting! You can advertise that you have the space available to take dogs or cats while their owners are traveling out of town. Come up with a plan of what is included in your pet sitting service and whether you can host more than one animal at once.

work from home pet sitter

Childcare Provider

If you love children, you may want to start a home daycare service. Affordable childcare is difficult to find, and many parents prefer the idea of their child being in a home with just a few other kids versus in a large daycare setting where they may be overlooked.

Childcare Provider work from home

SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists do keyword research, track website analytics, and develop strategies for SEO success for any given business. After all, a company’s website does it no good if there isn’t any traffic being
directed to it.

seo specialist work from home

Tech Support

Work from home as a tech support specialist for a company. You’ll troubleshoot technical problems and provide solutions in a timely manner. This could be over the phone, email, or through a virtual chat feature.

work from home tech support
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