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How to Catch a Scam Artist

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How to Identify a Scam Artist and How to Stop a Scam Artist

For as long as possessions have existed, there have been people who wanted to get their hands on them by tricking their rightful owners. These scam artists have used dirty tricks to get their way, and over the years, they have developed their skills to a level of art.

Today's scam artist can have his victims believe anything he wants by using psychological tricks that can get the best of us. A 2018 scam artist no longer settles on getting his hands on your belongings – he thrives on the rush of manipulating his victims and having his way with them. A scam artist can get anyone in his hooks in the most cunning ways, and here is how can catch one in action:

1. Notice what they offer to give you
A good scam artist is one who bates you with treats that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when someone gives you a reward. The rewards you get from a con artist aren't necessarily ones that are worth money, but also emotional tokens that make you trust them and feel good about your connection with them. These include flattery, affection, a confidence boost and other emotional rewards that hook you in and make you want more. Little by little the rewards will stop coming as often as they did in the beginning, and you will find yourself craving the rush and trying whatever you can to get back that initial feeling.

How to catch a scam artist

2. Listen for your name
You cannot believe the strong psychological affect of someone saying your name has. By just uttering your name, a scam artist creates a sense of familiarity which can even make you believe that you met it the past, even you haven't. This trick is a favorite with phone and online scammers who have only a few moments to hook you in, and they do by saying your name.

3. Notice who does all the talking
A good con artist plays on you fantasies and makes you believe the impossible is possible, if you just trust him. How does he discover what your fantasies are? Easy – he asks you. If you meet someone new, pay attention to who does most of the talking, and if that's you, you may be the next victim of a con artist. Unfortunately, a good scammer is one who is also a great listener who you feel you can trust, even after just a few moments.

scam artist
4. And if they relate to you
A con artist is not just a great listener, but also a great talker who can make you feel like you are speaking to your soul mate. These type of people don't hesitate about showing their flaws because it makes their victims relate to them and feel like they can be trusted. Is someone you recently met tells you his inner most thoughts and reveals his fears, don’t be so quick to trust him. You should be cautious with people who open up too easily and take a step back, which will make you realize it's not a natural thing.

5. Pay attention to how they move
You may have noticed a pattern by now that helps a con artist be a good liar – he makes you relate to him to get you in hook, line and sinker. He also does this by mimicking your posture and getting to know your hobbies and favorite things. Just by looking at your social media accounts, a con artist can find out what you like and say he likes the same things. If someone mimics the way you sit while telling you he's a huge Family Guy fan, like, he may be a con artist.

Lookup scam artist
6. Check out if they have priors
A lot of good scam artists have experience that made them as good as they are, and you can find that out by doing a background check on GoLookUp and searching for people's criminal records. You can also find their social media accounts, even those that are under aliases, and find out if a potential scam artist is indeed one.

7. Question their influence
One of psychologist Robert Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion is called Social proof, which basically means that you are more likely to do something if you see other people do it first. That is why a scam artist will show you "proof" that what he is offering is good for you by showing how other people did the same and succeeded. A con artist
will hook you with promises of wonderous things that happened to other people who put their faith in him, and you have to question such proof when it's presented to you.

Scam artists have very little morals, and that is why they don't mind hurting other people – financially and mentally. You have to protect yourself from people who try to deceive you, and the best way to do that os to be very critical, a little cynical and notice if they try any of tricks listed here.

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