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6 Signs of Identity Theft You Have to Know

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Signs of Identity Theft and that Someone Stole Your Identity

Identity theft has become a 21st century epidemic with millions of people affected by it every year in the US alone. Unfortunately, many of the identity theft victims find out about what happened when it's too late, and that's why it's important to know the identity theft signs and prevent yourself from further damages. These 6 warning signs of identity theft should not be ignored, and if you notice any of them, contact authorities immediately so they can put a stop to it.

1. Unfamiliar bills
Identity theft is often followed by opening accounts in the name of the victim, which can cause you to get unexpected bills from accounts you didn’t open. Identity thieves can apply for credit cards in your name and run up bills, so always check your bills and search for purchases you didn’t make.

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2. Unexpected withdrawals
In addition to taking out credit cards in your name, identity thieves can also withdraw money from your accounts. Make sure to check your balance every once in a while, and even write down your withdrawals to see if there are any inconsistencies in the amounts of money taken from your accounts.

3. A change for the worse in your credit score
Identity theft that leads to someone stealing money from you can also affect your credit score. If you notice a turn in your credit score for the worse without you doing anything that might have caused it, it could be a case of identity theft.

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4. You stop receiving credit card bills
Not having any credit card bills may sound like a dream come true, but it could be your worst nightmare. When someone gets their hands on your social security number, they can use it to change the billing address. That's why it's important to keep track of your credit card bills and notice if they stop arriving.

5. Notices from health insurance companies
Identity thieves use their victim's social security number not also to steal their money, but also their insurance info. If you get a notice from your health insurance company that you've reached your insurance limit and that they are unwilling to pay for your medical bills anymore, it might mean that your identity has been stolen.

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6. You are denied of credit services
If someone opens accounts in your name, it will affect your ability to get approval for loans, mortgages, loans, etc. Lenders check your credit history, and if someone has opened accounts in your name, the credit history will be bad. You may initially think that your account might not be good enough for such applications, but you have to make sure if that's the reason. You can ask the lenders to tell you the reason for denial, and you will get the answer, as they are required to give it to you.

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