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Is Halloween Safe for Your Kids?

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Is Halloween Safe for Your Kids?

9-year-old Lisa French was just like every other kid, completely excited to head out to the Halloween celebrations on October 31, 1973. Little did Lisa’s mother know that the evening of Oct 31st would be the last time she would be seeing her daughter alive.

Lisa French was kidnapped, raped, and murdered in the city of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Her body has still not been found and neither has her attacker apprehended. Horrified by this incident, the residents of Fond du Lac hold their Halloween celebrations in the morning of Oct 31st as opposed to the evening.

Incidents like this put both parents and the authorities on guard. Halloween is no strange occasion for child abductions and murders. Hundreds of gruesome stories of children being lured by candy, attacked, sexually abused, and murdered dot the papers on the morning after Hallow’s Eve.

Another aspect of Halloween that makes the holiday highly unsafe for children is the presence of cults who still believe in satanic rituals. The story of a satanic pedophilic cult abusing preschoolers physically, mentally, and sexually in the United States brought nightmares to many parents. Punctuate these with stories of teenage girls being impregnated by cult members as part of their satanic rituals on Halloween night and you have yourself a horrendous atmosphere shrouding this much-loved holiday.

Blood-curdling instances of people luring young, gullible children into their homes on the pretext of giving them candy, accounts of children disappearing under mysterious circumstances, and instances of kids being found dead (with no perceptible or justifiable reason available) have increased an all-time high in the country. The worst part about this is that the law enforcement authorities and parents seem to find no apparent reason for the increase in crimes. Halloween has become the hunting ground for predators seeking vulnerable victims who can’t fight back.  

After a rise in the number of atrocities against children on Halloween, authorities are taking stringent action by monitoring and restricting the movement of convicted predators, rapists, and kidnappers on Halloween. Today, the number of child abductions and attacks have come down enough to grant parents peace-of-mind. But still, it is recommended that parents follow a strict regime when planning the Halloween celebrations for their kids.

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Tips to make this Halloween safer for your children

  • Create a route for Trick-or-Treating

It’s always better to whet the route your child is going to take when out on Halloween night. This will help you keep track of the places your kid will visit and will help you find them easily, if they are still out past their curfew.

  • Have an adult or an older sibling accompany youngsters

Kids below the age of 10 should always be accompanied by an older relative. This is safer for the kids and less stressful for you. You’ll be able to know where your child goes, who they meet and what type of candy they are being given.

  • Wear costumes that are easily spotted

You can add reflective patches, shiny frills, and bells on your child’s outfit to make them more recognizable. Predators prey on unobtrusive victims who won’t be missed. The more in-your-face and noisy the costumes are, the less likely the child is to be a target.

  • Instruct kids not to stray from the route or accept candy from strangers.

Instruct your kids to keep to the decided route at all times. Additionally, it’s very important to instruct them not to accept candy from strangers en-route.

People have been found mixing everything from sleeping pills to arsenic into Halloween treats. It’s always best a practice for you to check the candy stash before allowing your kids access to it.


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