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What is an Advanced Background Check?

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What is an Advanced Background Check and Background Search

The social media boom in the past decade has created the illusion that we can find out practically everything important about people by taking a look at their photos, walls, and Insta posts. Even Google seems like the place to look for important information about people and find out what they were up to in the past.

Well, it goes without saying that glossy pictures and happy-go-lucky posts can't really tell you what went on in a person's life. Googling the name of that cute guy or girl you met at the bar also won't do the trick of giving hardcore, accurate information about their past or present. What can do the job? A people search website, like GoLookUp, which specializes in advanced background checks for residents all across America.

Advanced Background Checks – a Review

An advanced background search has become a necessary service for employers, but you may not know that you can use it too. The amount of information in an advanced background check report is unreal, and you will be amazed at the things you can find on it.

An advanced background check search based on a person's name will provide you with everyday information about a them - like their name, aliases, contact information, changes in address and phone number, to information that you can't find in a standard web search - like criminal records, arrest records, traffic violations, sexual offenses, and that is just the beginning.

With GoLookUp's advanced background report, you will see a person's past, black and white, right in front of you. All the information on the website is 100% accurate and relies on information gathered from official authorities.

Where Does All the Information Come From?

Unlike blogs, social media websites and independent websites where people can write pretty much everything they want about themselves without readers being able to separate the truth from the lies, an advanced background report contains information from official public records.

If you have ever been pulled over an gotten a ticket, you know that authorities have information about you based just on your license number, and the same is true with public records. From the moment you are born, records about you start collecting; birth records, marriage records, arrest records, criminal records, changes in residence and much more are kept by the states' governments and other authorities in order to provide you with them whenever necessary.

All these records are available to the public, but finding them can take hours, if not days, and this is where GoLookUp's advanced background reports are necessary. The website has access to hundreds of millions of public records, and the advanced search engine scans them within minutes. Once you type in the name of the person you want to know more about and the state of their residence, you will receive a report that will tell you everything you need to know.

Advanced background check report

Why Should I Use a Background Check Service?

People who first hear of background checks are not quite sure what to think about such inquiries. Some people think digging into people's past is invasive, but it is not. A look into the lives of others by running a public records check can help you in many different ways, and this are only some of them:

1. Screening potential dates – dating websites are more popular than ever, but unfortunately, there are many people who lie in their online dating profiles. While smudging the truth a bit is acceptable by most people, it is hard to accept big lies, like lies about age, marital status, career, criminal past, etc. By running a check on people you are thinking about dating, whether you met them online or offline, you will be able to learn the truth about them and find out who is lying to you. With such checks, you can find out who has a violent criminal past, who is a registered sex offender, who is married while stating otherwise, and more.

Advanced Background

2. Getting the truth about new people – whenever you meet a new person, you can use a background check directory. New neighbors, strange work colleagues, people who are involved in your children's lives and other people you do not know well – by running an online check, you can find out the truth about their past and discover information you need to know.

3. Avoiding scams and frauds – aside from people we meet on a daily basis, there are also those who pop into our lives out of the blue, or through business connections. Unfortunately, there are many people who lie about who they are to deceive others and steal their money, identity, or harm them. A public record checks you can perform by using a phone number, a name, an email address or physical address of a certain person, you can find out if they are lying to you. A check such as this can help you find out who has committed fraud, who stole money from others, and much more information about people's criminal past and whether or not you may fall victim to similar crimes.

And Much More

Along with the advanced background search available on GoLookUp, you can also find information about people using their phone number or address. Let's say you met someone in an online dating website and you can't find him on GoLookUp based on his name, you can do a reverse phone lookup on the website and get all the dits.

The same is true for addresses, and both of these searches can help you in cases where a person gave you a false name. It can also help you track down long lost relatives or friends that all you have of them is their last known address or a phone number. The website also provides services that are based on a public records search as well as the advanced background search, such as criminal records, reverse email lookup, arrest records, social media information, unclaimed money, companies information, and more. 

The sex offender search on GoLookUp is also one of the most important and helpful features on the advanced background search website. Whenever you go to a new place, for whatever reason it may be, you can type in its zip code in the sex offender search page on GoLookUp and find out who the sex offenders in that area are. The sex offender report will have a list of all the sex offenders in the zip code you entered, the offenses they committed, their mugshots, address and even their distance from you.

Sex offender search report

If you want to narrow down the search for one person, use the website's people search that will reveal if the man or woman you have questions about has a violent sexual past.

What is My Advanced Background Check is Inaccurate?

There are certain cases when public records have errors in them; this happens when authorities register information about residents in an inaccurately, or if there is a mix up between people's names. Such errors can lead to public records containing false information about you, like the wrong middle name, wrong contact information, criminal records that have been sealed, criminal records that have nothing to do with you, arrest records, and more.

When other people, like employers, for example, perform an advanced background check on you, they will end up viewing false information about you, which can negatively affect you. Luckily, you can correct the errors in your public records by contacting the authorities that made the errors; once you contact the authorities, you will need to tell them what errors occurred in your public records, and if necessary, file proof that errors occurred. After the correction, an advanced background check will provide accurate information about you, and people will not get false data about you that may affect you.

An advanced background search is used to help people get down to the truth and find out what lies in the past of people they know or just met. It's an instrument for personal safety as well as the safety of the people close to us, and with GoLookUp's advanced background report, you will have all the information you need at just a click away.

GoLookUp Advanced Background Check services do cost a fee. However, when you create a GoLookUp account and obtain your membership, you will be able to perform unlimited searches for background checks, people search, criminal records, public records, unclaimed money records, reverse phone records, reverse address lookup and a lot more! 


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