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What is a Reverse Email Lookup?

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What is a Reverse Email Lookup and Reverse Email Search

It is hard to believe that just a few years ago spam mail was a small, negligible part of the emails we received, whike today it practically an epidemic - as of 2018, 49.7% of all email sent in the United States is advertisements and spam mail!

When you set aside the fact that spam mails are a nuisance, they can also pose a threat to people who open them. This simple action could expose you to malware, computer viruses and worst of all – scammers and hackers that steal identities and credit card information. So, how can you tell the spam from the truth? How can you find out who is really sending you those mystery mails that end up in your inbox? The answer to that is simpler than you think.

Backtracking Information with a Reverse Email search

A reverse email lookup, or reverse email search, can provide you with information about the person or company who are sending you mails. An email lookup is an extensive search service that lets you keep yourself away from harm by giving you a full report on the person/organization behind a certain email address.

How does it work? Public records in the US contain information about everyone in the country, as well as companies and organizations. Accessing these records can be done in any number of ways, one of which is a reverse email search. Email lookup engines give you access to such records after you enter the email address in question.

Once you do that, all the information you need will be summed up in a report that contains valuable information such as:

  • Phone number of the person/company
  • Physical address
  • Financial records
  • Associated email addresses
  • Criminal records
  • Mugshots

This background check lets you know who exactly is sending you email, which can save your finances and your personal information.

The great thing about an email lookup is that you can use it not just with spam email addresses, but also with email addresses of people you want to know more about. If, for instance, you met a great person on an online dating website and you want to make sure they are who they say they are, a reverse email search is just what you need. By entering the email address of the person you are speaking with, you can find out if he or she have a criminal past, if they gave you their correct address and name and even if they are registered sex offenders.

The same can be done with new neighbors, parents of children you kids hang out with, coworkers and any other person you want to know more about. A free reverse email finder can help you find only a few details because of its lack of resources, but with a professional reverse email search service, you will have unlimited access to public records and an ulimited number of searches you can perform.

Spam mails have become a national epidemic, and besides the fact that they are annoying, they can also expose to you hackers, credit information theft and identity theft. In order to avoid that, you can use a reverse mail lookup engine that will provide you with full information about any email address in the United States and help you decide whether you should open that tempting email or not.

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