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Why People Run Background Checks?

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Why Run A Background Check and How to Run a Background Check

Imagine this following scenario; you met someone online, could be for dating, could be for friendship, and you start talking to one another on a regular basis. You check out their social media profiles, and everything looks cool, so you keep talking to one another. It's been a couple of months, and you decide to get together for a friendly drink. When you do meet, the person looks different than their social media pics, and the conversation takes a turn for the worse, and that's when it hits you – you've been lied to.

Many people have this scenario happen to them, and not only by possible romantic partners but also by online and offline scammers that want to rip them off or harm them in any number of ways. That's where an online background check comes in handy and can be a lifesaver in many cases.

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Why Run a Background Check?

Employers aren't the only ones who run a background check these days but also any people who wish to learn more about a certain person's past. A criminal background check can reveal a great deal of information about any person in the United States and help you find out if they are who they say they are. The following are only a few of the ways a background check can help you get to the truth and reveal what went on in people's lives before you met them:

Sexual offenses – a criminal background check can reveal sex crimes a person has committed and also whether or not they are registered sex offenders. This information is especially important with online dating and in cases where an adult enters into your child's life, and you want to know if they committed any sexual crimes.

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Violent crimes – a background check can reveal if a person you recently met, or have known for a while, has a violent past and if they may pose a threat to you or your loved ones.

Fraud – finding a person's social media profile doesn't mean that you've necessarily seen the person you're speaking with. Nowadays many people have fake social media accounts they use to trick people into meeting them and commit different scams and frauds.

What Can A Background Check Reveal?

A professional background check, like the one you can perform on GoLookUp, can tell you everything you need to know about a person's past. The website runs background checks based on public records that are the most reliable sources of information available today. In comparison, a free background check website can only provide you with basic information about the person you're searching for because it lacks the resources and funding to acquire access to public records.

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With GoLookUp's full background check, you'll be able to find a person's contact information, their real name, their aliases, changes in address, criminal records, mugshots, sexual offenses and much more.

A background check is not used only by employers these days but also by those who wish to find valuable information about others. A professional background check with GoLookUp will provide you with a detailed report about any person you want to find the truth about and save you from fraud and harm.

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