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10 Best Photography Apps

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10 Best Photography Apps


Photography is one of the most creative arts. The ability to capture a scene according to one's imagination is one of the most enthralling aspects of photography. A good photograph can inspire you. If you are a shutterbug, you must be more than familiar with the elements of photography that make it as interesting and appealing as it is.

Here is a list of the ten photography apps that must be in your smartphone if you love clicking away.


Halide is a paid tool developed by Chroma Noir and it works only on the iOS platform. It allows you to control aspects of photography such as ISO, shutter speed, and focus when using a mobile. It is convenient and complex at the same time.


This is a paid app and is available for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. It is a great tool for editing shots of people. You can easily make subtle changes to eyes, skin, nose, skin, and so on. The app is also an excellent tool to edit selfies.


The app works on both Android and iOS platforms and is absolutely free. It can be used to transform both still images as well as videos into absolute masterpieces. The artistic magic by Prisma is achieved using a technique called style transfer which uses AI.


Another excellent app that can aid you with mobile photography, the VSCO Cam is a free photo app and works on both Android and iOS platforms. It has various filters and has some powerful editing tools. VSCO Cam even has its own community where people can share photos.


EyeEm is a free photo app and works on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. It is an excellent tool to edit your photos. There is a market features in the app that lets you upload your best work and make money from it if it is noticed by brands or media publishers.


Instagram is a free app that works on both iOS and Android platforms. You can use the Instagram features to edit your photographs. You can also follow a number of communities. Instagram is connected Facebook and twitter and is a social media platform by.


Pixlr is again a free photo app that works on Android and iOS platforms.  There are over two million combinations of editing features like overlays and filters in this app. You can layer images, add text, and even make collages. Added features like autofix, autocontrast, and labels make it really interesting to use the app.

Do Camera

Do Camera by IFTTT is a free photo app that works on Android and iOS platforms. You can automate the tasks that you want to do for your photos. For instance, you can take a photo and automatically upload it to a platform for further reference.


It is a paid photo app that comes at a price of 3.99 pounds and works only on the iOS operating system. There are powerful features that allow you to take photos, edit them, or even create memes using these images.


Developed by Everimagining Co. Ltd., the photo app is free and works on iOS and Android platforms. It is relatively easy to use and delivers quality results. You can edit and share images, create collages, and discover photographs clicked by others. The latest version of the app makes use of the new SLR technology and you can control the depth and clarity of the photographs you click.



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