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6 Inventions That are Crucial for Staying Alive Today

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6 Inventions That are Crucial for Staying Alive Today

We live in a technology-driven world today. Tasks that required intense manual labor once can now be accomplished at the click of a mouse or the press of a button. Be it baking a pie, sending a message to a friend or hailing a cab, everything seems to be backed by technology. As such, tech inventions have completely changed the way we live our lives. In fact, our survival in today's faced-paced world depends a lot on some of these inventions.

Below are a few inventions that we need in order to survive today:

The Internet

This definitely deserves the first spot on the list. Nothing seems to be possible without the Internet these days. Whether you want to hail a cab, order groceries or finish assignments, you need the Internet for everything. It is only through the Internet that most applications on devices operate today. As such, you simply cannot live without the Internet today.

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Mobile phones

Who doesn't have a mobile phone today? Mobile phones, especially the smartphones of today's era, are needed just not for speaking to someone or sending a message but for surviving in a world where everything has gone mobile, whether it's shopping, marketing or communication.

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Personal computers and laptops

Perhaps every household owns a computer or a laptop these days. Why shouldn't they? After all, our entertainment, work, projects, interaction and a number of aspects of our lives depend on them. No matter what you do, personal computers and laptops are one of the most important inventions of the present era.

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Global positioning system a.ka. GPS

Thanks to GPS, navigating busy and confusing city roads have become a lot simpler. Ever since GPS technology got integrated with mobile technology, you never seem to get lost in an unknown place. GPS is something you simply can't do away with these days.

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Video conferencing

Social networking sites and camera-equipped devices have made it possible to talk to someone sitting miles away. How? With video conferencing. It has made it possible to interact with someone face-to-face without being in the same physical location. Everything happens with just a few clicks of the computer mouse.

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Microwave oven

Last but certainly not the least, you need a microwave oven to prepare food at home. Microwave ovens have changed the way we cook and eat because we can now save a lot of time. Not only this, this invention allows you to cook anything and everything without a long waiting time.

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