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Best Inventions of the Decade

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Best Inventions of the Decade, Best Inventions
The human race is known for its constant desire to evolve and create. So many amazing inventions have happened in the last few years and each one of them has made our life simpler, quicker and/or better. Let’s narrow down our list and review the best inventions of the decade that will revolutionize the world. 

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Augmented Reality

Google Glass was introduced by Google in 2014. This was the first-ever project based on augmented reality. The tech giant has been trying to develop these glasses ever since then. Imagine playing games such as Pokemon Go using Google Glass!

Concealed Solar Panels

Solar panels, although environment-friendly and cost-saving, have often been rejected for taking away from the beauty of roofs. Why? Well, they require the placement of heavy metal boxes on top of a building to harness solar energy. But thanks to Tesla, we now have a solution to this problem. In 2016, the company launched ‘Solar Roof’, a product featuring blended tiles that harness solar power. The soon-to-be available product line is a collaborated project between SolarCity and Tesla. SolarCity is a well-known solar panel provider.

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Genetic Engineering

2013 was the year in which a group of scientists was successful in rearranging a monkey’s genes. The process of genetic engineering allows scientists to modify an organism’s genome. Recombinant DNA is the basis on which organisms are genetically modified. And what is recombinant DNA? It is a mix of DNA taken from different locations or different organisms in a chosen genome which is not naturally found otherwise. Genetic engineering testing has only recently been started with humans. The aim of medical scientists is to use this phenomenon to ultimately treat and cure cancer.

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Supersmart Spacecraft

A host of nations have been trying to get onto Mars for decades. The list includes Russia, Europe, and the United States. On 24 September, 2014, India managed to do just that. It launched the spacecraft ‘Mangalyaan’ into the orbit surrounding Mars, a technological achievement that hasn’t been possible for any other Asian country till yet. It cost only $74 million for India to build this craft, another shocking accomplishment.

Sony PlayStation VR

You typically need several thousand dollars in order to enjoy the most advanced virtual reality experience. But with the launch of Sony PlayStation VR, things have turned around. The device has been designed in a way that it works with an already existing and highly popular console: PlayStation 4. This is a huge advantage for all types of gamers, those who are looking to get some intense and extreme action, and also for the casual consumers.
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3-D Printing of Everything

The invention of the 3D printer has made all sci-fi fantasies a reality. This device is designed to create objects using digital blueprints. And how is this done? The printer works by layering materials such as plastic. This invention has proven to be a big boon for both corporations and individual consumers. Within a few months of the 3D printer’s invention, you could find students using the technology to create stock cars for their physics projects. Scientists, on the other hand, are working to create 3D printed organ tissues with the same technology.

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Vape Pens

Hmbldt, a California-based company launched a new range of unique vaporizer pens that release cannabis oil doses. According to the company, these doses have undergone chemical engineering in order to induce certain reactions in patients, such as calm, pain relief, and sleep. However, the dose does not get the patient high. Physicians haven’t yet entirely taken to this sort of cannabis-delivery technique.

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It's hard to imagine, but 10 years ago, the phrase "Netflix and chill" didn't exist. Luckily, the beloved streaming service was launched in 2007 and was available for personal computers. In the following years, smartphones, tablets, and streaming devices were developed and allowed us to become professional couch-potatoes with Netflix's binge watchable shows.

Self-driving car

Another one of the best inventions of the decade is Google's self-driving car. The automated vehicle is predicted to make being on the road safer than ever, and allow people to enjoy the road without worries. As of today, the self-driving car has driven more than 2 million miles, and it is tested of main roads in the U.S. before it will become available to the public.

Self-driving car


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