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Google Vs Apple. Revenue, Employees, Locations, and Strategy

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Google Vs Apple. Revenue, Employees, Locations, and Strategy

Perhaps the two biggest names in the tech industry, Google and Apple are masters of innovation. The two tech giants have introduced the world to products and services that we rely on for our everyday lives today.

It is no secret that the two companies are competing fiercely against each other in terms of product innovation as well as market capitalization. Apple has come up with various models of iPhones through the years that have grown to be more than just phones. In the 21st century, iPhones and other Apple products are now lifestyle statements. The company has also introduced Apple Pay, Apple Music, and Apple Watch, all of which have seen tremendous success.

Google is also putting its best foot forward in this tech race with the newly released Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, which got positive reviews. The company also famously developed Google Glass, Google VR, self-driving cars, and have even built robots.

Clearly, the two companies are innovative and brewing with new ideas that could change the world. Both are highly profitable and highly respected brands in the industry, with fans worldwide eagerly waiting for their next product launch. But, which is really the better company, the more innovative? Which of the two companies make more money, which one of them has better products and services, better employees and smarter strategies?

When it comes to Google vs. Apple, here are the four important factors you need to consider.

  • Revenue

When it comes to revenue, Apple has seen a consistent and impressive increase through the years, except in 2016, when its annual revenue dropped to 215.64 billion from 233.72 billion in 2015. This was mainly due to the decline in sales of iPhones, particularly the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. But it seems the company has already bounced back from this minor setback, as revenue for 2017 is already at 229.23 billion.

As for Google, it seems the tech company is yet to reach revenue heights its main competition has reached. Although it has also seen a consistent rise in sales and revenue, its numbers are not as high as Apple. In 2016, the company’s revenue rose to 89.46 billion from 74.54 billion in 2015. Most of its revenue comes from its advertisements, while a good portion comes from its cloud services too.

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  • Employees

Apple has around 116,000 employees worldwide, out of which around 47,000 are in the United States. Not much is known about the work culture at Apple since secrecy is one of their biggest features. But it is known that the tech giant expects nothing less than top-notch excellence, creativity, and innovation from its employees. They do not afford any distraction; they want their employees to focus only on their work.

Google is famous for its happy and productive employees, all 72,053 of them, thanks to the company’s unique work culture. It’s very different from your typical corporate work culture. Just looking at pictures of their offices, you can see huge slides for employees who’d rather not take the stairs, Lego stations, and secret ladders. It doesn’t even look or feel like an office at all. Plus, employees are treated to free healthy meals. Who would not be happy working there?

  • Location

Apple’s corporate headquarters, called Apple Park, is located in Cupertino, California. From 1993 to early 2017, Apple Campus was the company’s corporate headquarters. Since 2001, Apple has opened about 498 stores in 17 countries, out of which 270 are in the United States. Cupertino is definitely home to several high-tech companies, and though it is a part of Silicon Valley, the actual product manufacturing does not usually take place in the city.

Google has over 70 offices in 50 countries, but its corporate headquarters, called Googleplex, is located in Mountain View, California. This makes it easy for employees who live around San Francisco, the South Bay or East Bay to commute as the company provides Google shuttles, powered by petroleum and biodiesel, to take them to and from work. Its Silicon Valley location makes communication with other tech companies easier.

  • Strategy

Some people are of the opinion that Apple rolls out innovations that are well-polished and revolutionary. This may have been true in the earlier years, like when the iPod completely took over Sony Walkman and the introduction of iPhones changed the smartphone game. But recently, it seems like the company is not as innovative as it used to be. Maps, the Apple Watch, and now the iPhone X, some believe, are seriously overhyped. These products only sell because anything that has an Apple logo sells, thanks to the company’s high brand value.

When it comes to Google, some believe that while the company keeps coming out with innovations that make huge tech headlines, they are mostly just “glorified betas” that do not really end up working out. But supporters say that Google only rolls out truly innovative products and services, like Android, Chrome, and of course, Google Search, including the new Pixel phones, which received extremely positive reviews.




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