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How is the Future Going to Look Like?

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How is the Future Going to Look Like?

Ever wondered how our ancestors imagined the world to be like in their future? Does our present even remotely resemble their image of a future? Is it better or worse than what they speculated? There are countless such questions about the past and present that we cannot really find accurate answers for. However, we can certainly make our own speculations about what OUR future would look like.

Will there be a drastic human evolution or will our planet be harvested by the aliens? How deep would the digital technology penetrate our lives? Will we become absolutely dependent on artificial intelligence? Here are a few interesting theories about the future might prove to be an exciting read. Have a look!

The future of Artificial intelligence

With great advancements in the world of digital algorithms and associated artificial intelligence, our world of the future is likely to be majorly reliant on technology for even the most trivial of daily chores. From the regular automatic wagons, we will eventually progress to self-driving cars that do not even need a human driver to steer the vehicle. The use for human and animal muscle will become almost negligible and artificial intelligence would transform our lives like never before. With the introduction of advanced home automation systems, we would no longer have to manually operate any switches or controls in homes and offices. A majority of your daily tasks will be AI controlled with the help of voice recognition systems. It would be nothing short of a revolution to say the least.

Vertically travelling vehicles

Another seemingly bizarre yet quite possible theory about the future involves vertically operational vehicles that can run on vertical elevator lanes built inside buildings. The famous elevator company of Germany, Thyssenkrup is already working on a similar technology named Multi wherein they employ the use of magnetic levitation or maglev to generate a pull force for moving elevator cabins both horizontally as well as vertically without the pulley systems.

The first contact with extra terrestrials

While the research is already on in full swing, there might be incredible breakthroughs in the search for life outside our planet in the future. Although, an alien life form that is different from that we see on Earth will be hard to detect, our highly sophisticated tech systems are quite capable of establishing whether or not we are alone in the infinite universe.


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