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How to be Careful of Cell Phone Radiation

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How to be Careful of Cell Phone Radiation

As of 2019, the average American spends a staggering 5.4 hours a day on their cell phone. But studies have shown that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cell phones can be potentially carcinogenic or cancer-causing. You can’t see EMRs, but if their radiation was visible, it would look like an extremely bright light. Brighter than you can imagine, even at night.  And if you could hear EMRs, the sound would be similar to a loud tapping noise, as if someone were constantly knocking on a hard surface. This sounds tiring? It is, and our bodies are submitted to this pressure on a daily basis, without us realizing it. Long-term exposure to EMRs impacts us on a cellular level and some of the dangers can include loss of calcium ions and cell membrane damage, which can cause significant diseases like cancer, brain tumors, diabetes, depression, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and even suicide. And that's not even mentioning premature aging.

These days, we spend so much time on our electronic devices that it then makes sense to be aware of the risks we run, and of the ways to protect ourselves from them. This is why we have compiled some of the ways you can prevent yourself and your family from being exposed to too much electromagnetic radiation. Even if you are not currently suffering symptoms of electrical sensitivity, these are ways you can minimize cell phone radiation and lower EMRs to improve your health and vitality.

1. Avoid body contact: Keep the phone away from your body when not in use. Especially when at home, have a dedicated place to keep your phone where it can be far from all family members. Do not store your phone in your pocket or too close to your body when you are not using it. This will minimize cell phone radiations you are exposed to.

2. Airplane mode:
Put aside a few times a day when you can switch the phone to airplane mode or off altogether. If you are worried about missing calls then pick a time or times when call volume is low or when you would rather not take calls anyway. You can keep family and friends informed of this time when you can’t be reached, to save them unnecessary worry.

3. Use a headset: Every time you hold your cell phone to your ear, you are absorbing over 50% of the cell phone radiation it transmits. So instead of having the phone pressed up against your ear while you talk, use a wired or a Bluetooth headset. Don’t keep wearing the Bluetooth headset for long periods of time either, take it off once you are done with your call as it also emits electromagnetic radiations.

4. Sleep away from your phone: If you don’t want to put your phone off or in airplane mode at bedtime then at least keep it as far away from your bed as possible. If you can keep it in another room altogether that would greatly reduce your exposure to EMRs.


5. Use an EMF shield:
Get yourself a phone case that has an electromagnetic field (EMF) shield. The shield is supposed to block the radiation from the phone, reducing your exposure to the harmful rays.

6. Text instead of talk:
Texting not only keeps the phone away from your head and brain but also uses less power than talking. This is one way to reduce the amount of radiation given off by the phone.

7. Use speakers: Whenever possible - and privacy permitting - use the speakerphone to have your conversations. This is another way to keep the phone away from any vital organs while you are using it.

8. Tech detox:
Our cell phones have become an integral part of our lives to an extent where we find it hard to be away from them even for a little while. But with a little training, you could learn to switch off your phone for a whole day or even a weekend and enjoy the many benefits of taking time off from technology and reconnecting with your natural surroundings.


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