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Smart Watches – Is it the Next Thing?

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Smart Watches – Is it the Next Thing?

Smart watches – are they the future of technology or products without a purpose?

This debate has captured global attention from the day the first smartwatch was launched. Now, let’s take a look at what the supporters and naysayers have to say about the smartwatch:

Yes, they are the future of watches

Experts who believe that smart watches are the next big thing cite the following reasons:

  • It’s a step forward in watch technology

From the humble wristwatch to the latest in time-telling technology, we have come a long way in creating products that are highly futuristic. Smart watches are a testament to how far we’ve come in the field of technology.

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  • It fulfills society’s desire for the digital

Smartphones are an extension of us and smart watches may soon head this way. As a society, we are obsessed with going digital. Smart watches fill this every growing need for state-of-the-art tech products. 

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  • It makes for an effective and efficient accessory

Smart watches save you a lot of time and trouble by eliminating the need to look through call logs and message folders on your phone. Many smart watches also help you perform calculations and offer Internet and Bluetooth connectivity amongst other things.

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  • It supplements your smartphone

Imagine you’re driving and you get a call. But, your phone is out of reach. Just look at your smartwatch and see who’s calling. Smart watches are great supplements to smartphones. From language translation to game-play, smart watches are brilliant additions to your digital arsenal.

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No, they aren’t the future of time-telling technology

Many experts believe that the days of ‘intelligent’ watches are about to run out. Here’s why:


  • The technology serves no purpose

What exactly is the purpose of a smartwatch? To tell the time? Your regular watch and your phone do the job just fine.

To help you answer calls and messages? You can’t do these using a smartwatch.

Then what? We can’t seem to find a good-enough answer.


  • It is plagued by the same problems as other wearable technology

Just like VR headsets and fitness trackers, smart watches too have a lot of bugs and malware. Additionally, most of the features that come in smart watches are battery drainers and reduce the life of the watch in the long run.


  • It shares some of the features of a smartphone, without offering as many of its perks

Smart watches can show message notifications and can indicate who a caller is when you receive a call. These features are mimicked in a traditional smartphone. But, unlike smartphones, smart watches don’t allow you to answer calls and messages through the phone.

This makes smart watches redundant as they offer no additional value. They become just another piece of purposeless accessory.


  • They are actually a step backward for real watch-lovers

The batteries of a regular non-smartwatch run out only once every few years and once replaced, they have a long life. A smartwatch, on the other hand, has a very low battery life and needs to be constantly charged.

Regular watches come in classic designs and look sophisticated and elegant. Smart watches designs look juvenile at times. Additionally, smart watches don’t go with formal clothing.

A conventional watch doesn’t depend on any other technology to tell the time, whereas, a smartwatch needs a smartphone to function. Need we say more?

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What’s the verdict?

For the niche tech-savvy market, smart watches are a symbol of technological advancement and will remain at the forefront of watch technology. For others, they are products that don’t really make the cut.

At the end of the day, the question of whether the smartwatch is the next big thing or not can only be answered based on what matters to you personally.



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