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What is Google’s 19 Year Celebrations and Plans?

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What is Google’s 19 Year Celebrations and Plans?

The world’s most loved search engine turned 19 this 2017, on September 27th. To celebrate the phenomenal occasion, corporate headquarters designed a fun and interactive birthday bash. Take a look at some of the celebratory plans that the Internet giant indulged in this year:

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Google doodles and interactive games

Here is the list of all the games that Google incorporated in its interactive spinning wheel doodle for its 19th birthday:


  • ICC Championship Trophy

Experience first-hand what it feels to bat on the prestigious cricket pitch, with fans cheering you on.

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  • Halloween Game

Ghosts in the house? Team up with this suave ghost-busting cat and get rid of them.

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  • Snake Game

Help the snake eat all the apples, without running into the wall and you win. A version of this snake game first appeared in the 1970s.


  • Hip Hop Remix

The 45th anniversary of hip-hop was celebrated by Google earlier in the year. Now you can mix your own tunes and create brilliant music.

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  • Earth Day Quiz

Want to know what animal you resemble the most? Take the interactive Earth Day quiz and find out. You have a wonderful video surprise waiting for you at the end.

  • Pranayama

A collection of breathing exercises in yoga, this game is all about relaxing and channeling your inner harmony.

  • Music Composition Creator

Try your hands at recreating artist Oskar Fischinger’s brilliant compositions.

  • Tic Tac Toe

A classic game with our favorite search engine as your opponent.

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  • Birthday Piñata

Help Google break the piñata and get loads of goodies to munch on.

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  • Solitaire

The classic card game played against one of the smartest search engines ever created.

  • Scoville Game

Help Scoville analyze the heat of the hottest chilies in the world. But beware! If you go wrong, you could end up getting burnt.

  • Music Lab

Mix and match the beautiful chords and create some soulful music.

  • Animal Sounds

Time to awaken the animal in you – listen and mimic these brilliant animal sounds.

  • Pac Man

Google’s most popular game is back with a bang.

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  • Beethoven Game

Help the troubled musician recover his missing sheets and recreate the iconic Fifth Symphony.

  • Pony Express

Help the mailman deliver his letters on time in this exciting horsey game.

  • Valentine’s Day Game

Help the armadillo set the stage for the perfect date for his valentine.


  • Theremin Lesson

Experience an out-of-body experience and learn to play the magical Theremin from Clara Rockmore herself.


  • Galapagos 360

Explore Darwin’s laboratory and watch spectacular recordings of one of the world’s most beautiful and self-sustained ecosystems – The Galapagos Island using the new Google Street View.




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