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Why You Should Use Reverse Address on Golookup

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Why You Should Use Reverse Address on Golookup

Say you want to visit a friend, John Doe. You have a fair idea that John stays somewhere in Beverly Hills. When looking up his address online, you’re most likely going to use his full name and his partial address details to find his complete residential address. This is called Address Lookup and it’s what we use most frequently.

Now, imagine another scenario. You have an address with you, say ‘0000 Beverly Hills, CA 90210”. You have the house number, the name of the locality and the zip code. All that you don’t have is the name of the owner.

Imagine you need to find out who stays in this beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills. You find an online directory, type in the address and wait for the results to show up. A name pops up as the search result and voila, you’ve found the name of the owner and details about the property.

This process of searching for information about a person or a property, using only the address is called as Reverse Address Lookup; and Golookup is one of the premier online address directories to use when looking for someone.

A little about

Golookup is an online aggregator of public data. Based on the search you provide, they look through millions of online worldwide records and sieve through the results to throw up searches that are the closest to your query.

For example, you want to find out the name of the owner of a property that you wish to purchase. Just enter the address in the search bar under the Reverse Address tab and watch as the owner’s name, sale price, and any other details about the property that’s been made public is thrown up.

Like most public aggregators, Golookup doesn’t charge anything for public data – data that can be found on public records and which are open to the general public. But say you want to learn about a person or a property whose information is kept confidential or private; then you’ll need to take a subscription to the website.
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Using Reverse Address on Golookup 

Golookup’s Reverse Address feature is extremely helpful if you want to find out:

  • Whether the property is residential or commercial
  • The name of the owner of the property
  • Whether anyone resides on the property or not
  • Whether the property is on sale or not
  • The dimensions of the property
  • The sale/rental price of the property
  • Pictures of the property
  • The type of neighborhood the property is situated in
  • The amenities and facilities available in the neighborhood

When searching using the Reverse Address tool on Golookup, you can find out all the data about a particular property that has been made public. The tool also conducts an advanced search and throws up data that is stored in private files and directories.

Golookup creates a comprehensive report about the data that it collates. This report can be purchased for a fee. If you take a subscription to the website, the fees of some types of reports are waived off, while for others, the price is discounted.

Just like with all public data aggregating tools and websites, looking for property information on Golookup using just the address can be tricky. The Reverse Address tool on Golookup throws up results only if you enter the address in a particular format. This format will be shared to you once you sign up on the website. 

If there’s any reason why you should choose Golookup for its Reverse Address Lookup feature, it is this – Golookup has one of the most extensive online address directories available in the United States and you’ll be able to find almost any property if you use the tool.

When it comes to looking for a property or its owner, it’s best to trust
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