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Will iPhone-X Change the Market

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Will iPhone-X Change the Market

Will iPhone-X Change the Market?

As the software giant Apple unveiled its latest iPhone-X this year, it kick-started a sort of revolution in the industry with some of the most cutting-edge innovations ever witnessed by the humankind. With its groundbreaking features and functionalities, the iPhone X became the first of its kind smartphone that entirely transformed the way we use the device in our everyday lives. Among the plethora of amazing technologies showcased by Apple in its latest offering, the one that instigated the most explosive response in the industry is the face recognition feature. Let’s have a look at what exactly this face ID feature is all about.

What is the Apple’s face recognition tech?

Among a bevy of both stylish and highly functional features to die for, the iPhone X brings to you the first of its kind face recognition technology or the face ID technology that is employed as an authentication mechanism for keeping your phone secured. The tech makes use of both visible and infrared beams for scanning and identifying the face of the owner for unlocking the phone. That being said, the face recognition tech is indeed a sort of advanced authentication mechanism that allows you to keep your phone protected always. Unlike the conventional authentication mechanisms such as password protection or security dongles, the face ID tech makes use of biometric authentication and is one of the most secure systems out there. The Face Id utilizes the unique characteristics of your face for creating a visual image in its memory and using the data to identify your face whenever you wish to unlock your phone.

A Smartphone revolution

Since our smartphones now form an integral part of our lives where we end up storing large chunks of personal and confidential information, it is absolutely necessary to keep it secure against hackers and unauthorized access. Apple’s face recognition tech has revolutionized the authentication mechanism and provides superior security for your smartphone. The technology involves the use of the Apple’s state of the art front facing camera system called TrueDepth that comprises a bundle of hi-tech hardware components including a front-facing projector and even a secondary camera. The highly sophisticated TrueDepth tech carefully maps the unique geometry of your face and stores it for future use. In addition to swiftly unlocking your phone with just a glance, the face recognition tech also enables the user to authorize real time purchases and make online payments with Apple Pay.


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