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What is Google’s 19 Year Celebrations and Plans?

The world’s most loved search engine turned 19 this 2017, on September 27th. To celebrate the phenomenal occasion, corporate headquarters designed a fun and interactive birthday bash. Take a look at some of the celebratory plans that the Internet giant indulged in this year:

3 years ago

What's an Open Source Software?

Open source software is a type of software where the developers and service providers grant users the access to modify, change, and develop the software as they use it. This type of software is significantly different from closed source software, where the user gets the completely-finished software and does not have the access or the license to modify or change the software.  

3 years ago

How to Keep Your Credit Card Safe Online

Today, almost all of us give out our credit card details on the Internet for various reasons, mostly for online shopping. And although the finance and tech industry has taken many measures to ensure the security of our banking details, there have been many cases of credit card fraud. So, here are the ways you can keep your credit card safe on the Internet.

3 years ago

Amazon, Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Apple, Alibaba - How have their Stock Prices Changed in the Past 12 Months

The global stock market is seeing some intense competition in the tech field, with big names like Amazon, Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Apple, and Alibaba fighting it out for the top spot. For investors, though, it becomes extremely difficult to choose an investment option from this highly lucrative list. To help you understand how these stocks are performing, we have given below a brief explanation of how the above companies have fared on the stock market in the past 12 months. Using this data, you can now make an informed decision and invest in the stock of your choice.

3 years ago

What are Facebook’s Acquisitions?

Facebook has grown to be not only the most popular social media site/app, it is one of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world as well, with a market capitalization of more than $200 billion. The company’s exponential success can be credited to its strategic acquisitions, among many reasons. Here is a history of Facebook acquisitions to help you understand the company’s growth.  

3 years ago

The Steps from an Idea to a Product

Developing a product is a challenging and drawn-out process. A well-planned and perfectly implemented new product development process can generate leads for a company, make customers switch from competitors and create both tangible and intangible wealth for the business.

3 years ago

What is the Darknet?

Consider an iceberg. You see white peaks of ice above the surface of the water and assume that this all there is to the ice. Dive down beneath the surface and you’ll see the underbelly of ice that is 4-5 times larger than the ice visible on the surface.

3 years ago

How to Delete Your Search History

Today, we use the Internet on a daily basis – for social media, to look up news stories, for shopping, for banking, and so on. With such heavy and frequent use, our web browsers store a lot of information about us as well as our preferences.

3 years ago

What is an Algorithm?

In the tech world, an algorithm is a detailed procedure that informs a computer exactly what users want it to do step-by-step. The computer executes these steps as it is given until it reaches the end goal. Almost every activity performed by a computer, from just opening a folder to browsing the Internet, consist of algorithms.

3 years ago

Safest Chat Platform

What with the numerous cyber criminals lurking around on the World Wide Web, privacy has become one of the greatest concerns for anyone who uses the Internet for professional or private purposes. In addition to this, there are highly advanced interceptors and surveillance systems out there as well that can not only read your private online messages but also steal your identity and impersonate you via unauthorised access.

3 years ago

Augmented Reality - The Future?

One of the biggest trends in technology in recent years, Augmented Reality or AR is the integration of computer-generated images or any type of digital/virtual information with our environment in real time. It is not to be confused with virtual reality, which is a technology that creates a totally new and different digital environment. In the case of AR, the existing or present environment is “augmented” by overlaying it with new information.

3 years ago

Signs You are Addicted to Social Media

Social media has grown to be a normal part of our everyday life, almost like a schedule, and this is both a boon and a bane. On one side, it has made communicating and networking a whole lot easier, but on the other side, it has some serious effects on our mental health.


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