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10 Celebs Embarrassing Moments

by infohub

10 Celebs Embarrassing Moments

Celebrities and their embarrassing moments? Well, there are plenty. Take a look:

  • Fergie and her peeing

Celebrated singer Fergie had a nasty little accident in a 2005 Black Eyed Peas performance in San Diego- she attended nature’s call while onstage.

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  • Angelina Jolie’s blotched red carpet look

While attending a movie premiere in New York City, Angelina Jolie was spotted with large patches of white powder on her face. Safe to say, these photos of Ang were not some of her best.

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  • Britney and her scary, shaved head

It was ten years ago when Britney Spears was spotted sporting a horrific hairdo and the image still haunts us (and her). Why? A bald Britney is a sight you’ll never forget.  

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  • Justin Bieber’s technicolor yawn

2014, the Justin Bieber World Tour – a young Justin walks on stage completely confident, only to find himself doubling down on all fours and puking on stage. Justin claims his mid-performance upchuck was as a result of drinking too much milk.

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  • Katy Perry and her sweet fall

What do you get when you mix Katy Perry, the MTV music awards and a gigantic pink cake? As 2008 showed, you get a cake with Katy Perry as the topping. Double servings anyone?

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  • 50 Cent and his terrific game

When 50 Cent was called to throw the ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Baseball game, everyone assumed he would rock it. But, his pitch was so way-off, that it was dubbed one of the worst pitches in American Baseball history.


  • Ashlee Simpson and her off-tune lips

If anyone wants to learn how to lip-sync while on SNL, they definitely should not go to Ashlee Simpson. The pinnacle of the star’s music career didn’t even involve her singing her own song. The incident was also the beginning of the end for her.


  • Jennifer Lawrence and her Oscar-worthy fall

2013 was memorable for Jennifer Lawrence in two ways – first, she had won her first Academy Award and second, she fell onstage while walking to get the said award. She took another spill on the Red Carpet in 2015. Clearly, the girl’s jinxed.

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  • Sofia Vergara’s freaky fanny debacle

When Sofia Vergara attended the 2012 Emmy Awards, she expected to win for her role in Modern Family. Little did she know that a major wardrobe malfunction would soon leave her exposed and out in the cold.

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  • Zac Effron dropping the glove

At the premiere of The Lorax in 2012, Zac reached into his pocket looking for something that was intended to be Red Carpet –friendly. But, he ended up dropping something pretty special on the floor- a condom; something that horrified his fans (and their parents) from around the world.



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