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20 Things that People Who were Born After the Year 2000 won't Understand

by infohub

20 Things that People Who were Born After the Year 2000 won't Understand

Each generation has experienced certain things that other generations never have. Millennials, for example, will never experience the joys and heartbreak that the kids of the 80s and 90s experienced.

Here is a list of things that people born after the year 2000 will never understand or appreciate:

  • A scratched CD

God alone knows how difficult it was to keep CDs scratch-free. A single scratch could reduce your rocking music CD to a hollow piece of useless plastic.

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  • A tangled VHS tape

Remember the time you spent untangling your tangled VHS tape? Happy memories, aren’t they? Kids after 2000 will never experience the satisfaction of listening to a tape they untangled themselves.

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  • The purpose of a floppy disk

Who says USB cables are unbeatable? We pre-2000 kids had a better option with us – floppy disks. Just plug one in and store, erase or rewrite. For the new generation, a floppy disk would always be just one of the 'old things'.

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  • A music website that gave our computers cooties

While today’s websites give us a good share of clean music, Rhapsody (aka Napster) just ended up giving our computers a lot of viruses.

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  • Blowing into the Nintendo cartridge

Today’s kids will never know the secret to a perfectly-functioning video game – a lungful of air blown into the cartridge.

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  • The roll-down car window

Battery-operated keys and remote control windows have made life so easy for kids today. Ask anyone born before the 2000s and they’ll tell you all about the good old roll-down window.

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  • Playing Snake on a Nokia

We don’t think any millennial has even seen a Nokia in real life, let alone played the most popular game of the 20th century – Snake.

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  • Manning the projector in class

While teaching aids and state-of-the-art computing technology are all the rage in schools these days, the batch of 1990s will never forget the happiness they experienced when given the prestigious honor of manning the overhead projector in class.

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  • Tabs everywhere

Want to play a round of Minesweeper? Try finding it first. Only pre-2000 kids will know the pain involved in finding the games within the hundred tabs on the computer.

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  • Ask Jeeves and Jeeves were our go-to source for information for everything under the sun. It’s a shame that kids born after 2000 don’t have such a well-read companion.

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  • Carrying the phone and the iPod on a run

Pockets were designed for pre-millennial teenagers. From the Walkman to the phone, we would carry absolutely everything on our person.

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  • Cereal boxes with toys in them

The best part about breakfast wasn’t the food; it was finding the toy that came with it. Remember all the fights you used to have with your brother/sister to open the new box of cereal?

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  • Using an actual map to reach the destination

Google maps have literally taken out all the joy out of traveling.

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  • Using phones with a rotary dial

Think pressing buttons on a telephone is fun? Then you definitely don’t know anything about the rotary phone.

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  • Watching Flintstones after school

Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Road Runner Show, Top Cat, Swat Kats…the list of the shows your kids may never have seen is endless.

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  • TV’s with a large behind

Post-2000 kids probably may never have seen CRT TVs that were large and curvy. These days, it’s all about being flat.


  • The point of a Tamagotchi

Your kids won’t even believe it was possible to play a game on it for hours, without going blind.


  • Punching holes in an eraser

If 2000s kids are bored, they just whip out their phones. But pre-millennials resorted to another entertainment – punching holes in the eraser with a pencil.

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  • Hitting the DVD rental place every Friday night

Netflix has deprived today’s children of the joy of visiting a DVD rental place and standing in a queue to rent a movie for the weekend.

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  • Voguing

Voguing brought us together, whether you’d like to admit it or not.



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