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5 Stars Whose Photos were Leaked Online

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5 Stars Whose Photos were Leaked Online

Celebrities are always under the scrutiny of the media and the public. Every movie they star, every song they sing, and every photo they upload are scanned top to bottom by almost every living person in the world 

Most of the times, the photos we see of celebrities are uploaded after much evaluation by the star’s PR team. However, sometimes, certain photos make their way online in the most dubious ways and unleash a wave of controversy so strong that they threaten to topple the reign of stardom that celebrities possess.

Here are the top 5 stars who scandalized the world with their saucy photos:


  • Kylie Jenner

The owner of the famous mega fashion brand Kylie Cosmetics was the most recent victim of online hacking. Jenner reported that her Snapchat account was hacked and the pictures of her stolen. Jenner, who recently did a nude photo shoot, had uploaded some of the same pictures on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts. Sources close to the star believe the hacker accessed photos of this shoot on Jenner’s social media accounts.

Jenner was the victim of the trend dubbed “The Fappening”; a trend that had its first victim in her half-sister Kim Kardashian West. Kim too had her nude photos stolen and leaked on various media back in the early 2000s.

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  • Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star was the victim of a hacking in 2014, with sensitive photos of her being stolen and distributed online. The star immediately took to the media and called out the perpetrators for who they are – not hackers, but sex criminals who indulge in sex crimes.

Lawrence was extremely vocal about her displeasure. Not only did she criticize the perpetrators, she also stated that anyone looking at such nude pictures was perpetrating a sexual offense, which was legally punishable by law. Her stand against the hackers had multiple celebrities come forward with their support.


  • Prince Williams

This case just goes to show that even royalty aren’t spared by the media. A picture of Prince Williams peeing in public after a royal polo match made their infamous rounds around the web, scandalizing scores of British and non-British families from around the world. The photo series entitled ‘Royal Cock’ was one of the most viewed in 2008, crashing serves that hosted them. 

These photos were then taken by hackers, who had a field day adding funky music and GIFs to the image. Urination had never been more fun (or public).


  • Rihanna

This spunky R&B singer had her fair share of misfortunes in the year 2009 when nude pictures of her were released online by an anonymous person. The star, known for her steamy songs and raunchy CD covers had sent nude pictures of herself to her boyfriend. Her personal social media accounts were hacked and her pictures stolen.

When asked about the incident, Rihanna replied she was humiliated and outraged. She also defended her right to take nude pictures and said no one had the right to take her pictures without her permission. Her stand was supported by thousands of women from all over the world.


  • Jude Law

If the nanny incident didn’t embarrass Jude Law, the one with his leaked nude photos definitely must have. 2005 saw Law in the grips of two scandals - one where he was discovered getting busy with his nanny and the other where a compromising photo of his made rounds on social media. So often were his pictures viewed online, that Law became one of the most trending stars of 2005.

Loved the world over for his portrayal of romantic and debonair characters in movies, Law soon saw a tide of hate barreling toward him. It’s safe to say that the clean gentleman image of this British hunk was gone soon after these photos surfaced. 



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