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Can You Make Money Out of Your Hobbies?

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Can You Make Money Out of Your Hobbies?

Who wouldn’t love some extra cash? Whether you are looking to earn some money to take that exotic vacation or need to fund your college education, hobbies are great ways to have fun and make some extra dough.

Hobby classes in childhood are common with parents keen on encouraging their kids to develop some hobby or the other. Some others have an in-born talent such as drawing, singing or carpentry. Hobbies are meant to offer the much-required respite from the stresses of a 9 to 6 real work. While you have fun, these hobbies can also be turned into cash cows with a little effort and planning.

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Here are some tips on making your hobbies do the real work for you and bring in some added moolah!

Teach your hobby to others: Whatever it is you are good at, whether cooking, baking, embroidery, yoga or painting, you can always conduct some classes over the weekend to a group of people. Teaching your hobby is not only a great way to develop and nurture your own skills but also a way to earn a decent income. Start out with neighbors, friends, and friends of friends who are interested in your hobby. You can even post the details of your weekend classes on your Facebook page or twitter. If you cook, bake or paint, post pictures on Instagram to inspire a few more to sign up for your classes.


Game your way to extra cash: Good at gaming? Explore platforms like Twitch which allows you to set up an account and live-stream any video game of your choice. By being entertaining and interesting, you can earn “tips” from viewers of the stream. Depending on the quality of your performance, it is possible to make a neat side income by just playing to your strengths – or games!

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Freelance: If you are good at writing or blogging, you can offer your service as a freelancer as a subject expert or as a general blogger. There are many platforms for freelance writers that pay per word and who knows, this could end up being your mainstream income if you love writing for a living.

If you excel at photography or designing, you can create a free website that explains what you do or set up an Instagram or Facebook page. Some stock image websites pay a decent sum for great quality photographs. It could be a good idea to approach a few stock image sites to see if you can contribute. You can freelance in your spare time and cover events including weddings, parties or other gigs to make some extra cash. Professional photography is, in fact, the second-most lucrative activity on Instagram and brands are willing to pay a good amount for a sponsored post.


Set up your online business: Some crafts like food never goes out of fashion and there is always enough room for a new recipe, video or cookbook. Putting up a few cooking videos on YouTube or Facebook is a great way to get more eyeballs.

Conduct baking or cooking classes online or better still, establish your brand and a website to start selling your products.  Foodies can also explore food blogging to earn some extra money. Most food brands would be happy to have a blogger recommend their products for a decent sum. Try and offer a subscription for your recipes if you are good at creating new and unique recipes.

An online catering business is another lucrative way of leveraging your passion for cooking. Online stores for other handcrafted products, paintings, and nail art are other possibilities.

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