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Connecticut Unclaimed Money Bad Policy

by Michael E.

Connecticut Unclaimed Money, Unclaimed Money Connecticut
CONNECTICUT - An article on The Connecticut Post reffering to Connecticut unclaimed property and unclaimed money program. 
The Unclaimed Money program has been collecting assets which belongs to their residents, such uncashed checks and dorman back accounts and businesses but fails to properly infrom the residents of Connecticut. 

The Connecticut Unclaimed Property program has collected a staggering $138.7 million last year. 
Of the $138.7 million $63.4 million has gone into the Gernal Fund to be bills of the state and $11.6 million has gone towards 
public campaign accroding to the The Connecticut Post. 

The state of Connecticut has returned only $58 mllion of the $138.7 million. That is less then 50% of the money returned to its righful owner. 

The state is aware and has knowledge of who the owenrs of the unclaimed property, but has doen very little to notify them. 
Instead, the state makes it harder to search for uncalimed money at which reports that there is $918 millino that 
belongs to 1.6 million owners. 

You can perform an unclaimed money search with However, golookup membership requires a fee and offers other services 
such as background checks, arrest records, public records, email records and contact information.

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