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Coolest Companies in 2017

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Coolest Companies in 2017

One of the main criteria that helps assess the innovation quotient of a company is its ‘impact’. Thousands of businesses are launched each year, but only a few manage to do an excellent job of combining intelligence, finances, and digital knowledge to make an applause-worthy impact on the industry. Let’s find out which are the coolest companies identified by industry experts and customers in 2017.

  • Amazon

This is one of the most familiar names in the world of online shopping. Amazon, a cloud computing firm, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, is the biggest e-commerce company in America. The site first became popular for its online sale of books (digital versions like Kindle came in later). Today, it offers everything- clothes, furniture, beauty products, janitorial supplies; the list is endless.

At present, Amazon is perhaps most popular for selling digital content such as music, apps, and movies. The web services segment of Amazon is a thriving multi-billion dollars business offering cloud-based services to customers all over the world. This includes universities and government agencies.

Why is Amazon a cool company? Well, it stands out for providing even more, even quicker, and even smarter!


  • Google

Headquartered in California, Google has topped many lists, including the best technology companies in the world. It is undoubtedly the largest online search firm, but it has other products to its credit including business cloud computing, collaboration apps, email, Chromebooks, and the Android OS.

Tango, the company’s nascent project, is designed for measuring physical spaces without any external signals or GPS. Every bit of the technology is contained in the device, whether a tablet or a smartphone.

One of the main reasons why Google is considered to be a cool company is that it treats its employees extremely well, offering them several amazing perks throughout the employment.

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  • Uber

With its headquarters in San Francisco, Uber Technologies was launched in the year 2010 as an app-driven transportation platform. One of the most innovative companies of its time, Uber has revolutionized the traditional taxi business in a big way. At the same time, the company, worth $68 billion has several other broader ambitions.

Data is the most high-value asset of Uber and has remained a critical aspect of its business since the time of its launch. The company utilizes this data to enhance its customers’ riding experiences. Besides this, it has also managed to lock in deals with other firms, especially in the hospitality industry, for data monetization.

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  • Netflix

Netflix, the online movie and television streaming service, is becoming even more popular for offering a variety of original television shows. The company also offers DVDs to its customers via email. The key segments of Netflix Inc. include domestic streaming, domestic DVD, and international streaming. The company gets content from multiple studios and third-party content providers via predetermined fee licenses, direct purchases, and revenue sharing contracts.

Netflix has been featured on multiple Forbes lists including ‘Innovative Companies’, ‘Growth Champions’, ‘World’s Best Employers’, and ‘World’s Most Valuable Brands’.


  • Chobani

Chobani, the giant Greek yogurt company, doesn’t limit its innovation to just selling a smooth dairy product. 2016 saw the company poking its competition Danone and General Mills with an advertising campaign which suggested that there were harmful additives in the yogurts sold by these companies. The aggressiveness of the brand is also noticed in the area of product development. The firm has been working hard to expand tastes by creating more flavors. It is looking to earn a bigger market share in the yogurt segment. At present, it earns approximately $1.5 billion in revenue per annum.



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